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Refresh your exam and treatment chairs with A-dec dental parts. At DuraPro Health, we’re proud to offer an extensive selection of dental chair parts for a wide variety of models from this popular brand. Our A-dec parts catalog includes products that are specifically designed to fit A-dec dental chairs, ensuring that you get the best results with every repair.

A-dec Dental Chair Parts by Model

DuraPro Health is the go-to parts supplier for A-dec dental chairs. An industry leader for decades, A-dec has an extensive selection of dental chairs known for their ability to hold up well, even after consistent use over many years. Like any piece of equipment, however, these chairs may need some small fixes as wear and tear occurs. By shopping at DuraPro Health, you can easily find the exact model you have and the corresponding A-dec dental chair parts. In just a few clicks, you can place an order for the exact parts you need with the confidence of knowing they’ll fit right in.

Fast, Affordable Repairs

One of the best ways to save your practice money is by repairing your dental chairs and equipment, rather than replacing it outright. Our A-dec catalog includes parts that allow you to make quick fixes on the fly, including sleeve tools, cable ties, switches, tilt cylinders, O-rings and sleeve clamps. We also offer hydraulic fluid for many A-dec chair models, along with complete kits for making extensive repairs, such as lift cylinder kits and capacitor kits. You can often make minor repairs to dental chairs yourself or you can hire a technician to upgrade the chairs for you. Either way, you’ll save with affordable parts from DuraPro Health that help you keep your A-dec dental chairs in excellent shape for years to come.

54.00 48.60 48.6 USD
100.00 90.00 90.0 USD
62.00 55.80 55.800000000000004 USD
104.00 93.60 93.60000000000001 USD
388.00 349.20 349.2 USD
248.00 223.20 223.20000000000002 USD
384.00 345.60 345.6 USD
108.00 97.20 97.2 USD
334.00 300.60 300.6 USD
464.00 417.60 417.6 USD
32.00 28.80 28.8 USD
21.40 19.26 19.26 USD
33.00 29.70 29.7 USD
494.00 444.60 444.6 USD
32.00 28.80 28.8 USD
5.80 5.22 5.22 USD
10.20 9.18 9.18 USD