Digital Panoramic X-rays

Get the most advanced imaging technology for your dental practice with a new or refurbished digital dental panoramic X-ray machine from DuraPro Health. When it comes to providing the best services and accurate diagnoses, a quality X-ray system is essential. A digital X-ray machine provides the fast results and detailed images you need to give your patients the best care possible. Panoramic imaging is another advancement that allows dentists to deliver even more accurate diagnoses for each and every patient. Learn more about digital X-ray machines to make sure you find the right fit for your practice.

Benefits of Digital Panoramic X-Rays

Today, traditional film X-rays are quickly being made obsolete in dental practices. The introduction of digital dental X-ray machines has revolutionized the way dentists get the images they need. While film takes time to develop and can produce images that are not as clear, digital X-rays are available immediately and are already in a digital file that’s easy to view and archive as needed. The digital images can also be enhanced to view problem areas up close, ensuring better diagnostics on the whole. 

Dentists appreciate that in addition to these conveniences, digital imaging is cheaper and more environmentally friendly in the long run. In fact, typical panoramic machine costs are more budget-friendly in the long run compared to traditional film X-ray machines. In addition, around 70% less radiation exposure is required to produce a quality image, making it the safer option for both patients and staff.

Discount Panoramic Dental X-Ray Machine Prices

You don’t necessarily have to buy new in order to get a high-quality, reliable X-ray system with convenient digital imaging for your practice. With our selection of certified pre-owned pan machines, dental professionals are actually able to save even more on this exciting technology. Our refurbished machines cost less than new models by 40% to 60%, allowing you to make the most of your practice’s budget.

If you’re looking for a dental panoramic machine for sale, shop at DuraPro Health to get low prices without sacrificing when it comes to quality and performance. Our comprehensive selection of technologically advanced systems, including panoramic, cephalometric and 3D CBCT systems, makes it easy to find an option for dental X-ray equipment that suits not only the needs of your practice, but also your budget.

Soredex Cranex Novus Panoramic X-ray
10,898.00 9,498.00 9498.0 USD
Vatech PaX-i Panoramic X-ray
13,898.00 11,998.00 11998.0 USD
RayScan ALPHA Panoramic 2D X-ray
28,995.00 28,995.00 28995.0 USD
Acteon X-Mind Prime 2D Panoramic Wallmount X-ray (includes PC)
Call for Availability 23,098.00 23,098.00 23098.0 USD
Carestream Kodak 8000 Panoramic X-ray Imaging System PCI
Call for Availability 6,998.00 6,998.00 6998.0 USD
Gendex GXDP-700 Panoramic X-ray
15,898.00 15,898.00 15898.0 USD
Gendex Orthoralix 9200 DDE Panoramic X-ray
11,998.00 11,998.00 11998.0 USD
Carestream Kodak 9000 2D Panoramic X Ray System
18,998.00 18,998.00 18998.0 USD
Gendex 8500 DDE Digital Panoramic X-ray
9,998.00 7,998.00 7998.0 USD
Gendex GXDP-300 Panoramic X-ray
11,898.00 10,998.00 10998.0 USD
Instrumentarium OP-30 Digital Panoramic X-ray
12,898.00 10,898.00 10898.0 USD
Planmeca ProOne Panoramic X-ray
11,998.00 9,998.00 9998.0 USD
Progeny Vantage Panoramic X-ray
12,998.00 12,998.00 12998.0 USD
Soredex Cranex Novus e Panoramic X-ray
13,998.00 11,998.00 11998.0 USD
Vatech PaX Primo Panoramic X Ray
12,998.00 10,998.00 10998.0 USD
Kodak Carestream CS-8100 2D Panoramic X-Ray
13,998.00 11,998.00 11998.0 USD
Planmeca Promax Dimax 3 Digital Panoramic X Ray
13,998.00 12,998.00 12998.0 USD
Instrumentarium OP300 D Digital X-ray
11,998.00 10,898.00 10898.0 USD

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What does a panoramic dental X-ray show?

A panoramic dental X-ray shows a full view of the entire mouth. This means that a single image shows both the upper jaw and the lower jaw and includes teeth and surrounding tissues. If the patient has dental structures, those also show up on the image.

What is the difference between panoramic X-rays and full-mouth X-rays?

The panoramic X-ray shows an image of the upper and lower teeth and jaws. However, this type of X-ray uses less radiation and only captures a 2D image. It can show such issues as impacted teeth, bone fractures, infections and tumors. It cannot produce good-quality images of cavities. Alternatively, a full-mouth dental X-ray captures individual images of certain areas of the mouth. This type of X-ray typically includes a series of bitewing and periapical images. The full-mouth X-ray offers extensive detail that can be used to determine treatment options.

How safe are panoramic dental X-rays?

Panoramic dental X-rays do expose patients to a small amount of radiation. However, this radiation does not stay in your body after the X-ray exam. Panoramic dental X-rays are generally considered very safe as long as proper safety precautions are taken. For example, you may be asked to wear a lead apron to shield the rest of your body from radiation exposure.

Can dental X-rays show nerve damage?

Because an X-ray does not produce images of soft tissue, it cannot show nerve damage. However, an X-ray can pick up the image of a dead nerve that has already caused damage to the tip of a root, and dentists can ask patients specific questions to find out if they are experiencing signs of nerve damage. These symptoms include pain when the tooth is exposed to cold or hot temperatures, sharp tooth pain and discomfort when eating.

Do tooth infections show up on X-rays?

In a way, yes; an X-ray may show evidence of bone loss, which is an indicator of infection.

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