Portable X-Ray Equipment

Take X-rays anywhere, anytime with the help of portable X-ray equipment from DuraPro Health. Being able to get a clear X-ray image of your patients’ teeth is essential for any dentist, but a wall-mounted machine isn’t always the most convenient option. For better maneuverability and versatility, you may also want to get a mobile dental X-ray system. Learn more about the advantages of using portable dental X-ray machines and get a great price when you shop on our website.

Benefits of Portable Dental X-Ray Machines

One of the most important benefits of using a mobile or handheld X-ray unit is the ability to prioritize your patients’ unique needs. There are a number of patients who may have difficulty using a conventional wall-mounted machine, including pediatric and geriatric patients and those with physical disabilities or special needs. Being able to bring the X-ray device to them as they sit or lie in a dental chair can be especially helpful in these situations. Others may be fearful of the larger conventional X-ray units, in which case a handheld device can be less intimidating and put them at ease. Handheld dental X-ray machines can also be positioned more easily at any angle you need, and they offer a space-saving option for smaller practices.

Save on Portable Dental X-Ray Machines

Cost may be one of the biggest factors in determining which type of dental X-ray equipment you choose. Yet another advantage of handheld and mobile X-ray equipment is that one portable X-ray can be used in multiple dental operatories which is considerably less expensive compared to conventional wall-mounted machines. At DuraPro Health, our portable dental X-ray unit prices are lower than you’ll find at many of our competitors. We also offer certified pre-owned used dental X-ray equipment, which is priced less than new models by 40 to 60%. Browse through our collection today to find the right dental equipment to outfit your practice and provide your patients with the best care.

Port-X IV Portable Dental X-ray System
4,998.00 4,498.20 4498.2 USD
Genoray Handheld Portable Dental X-ray
4,498.00 4,048.20 4048.2000000000003 USD
Corix 70 Plus Mobile X-ray
3,498.00 3,148.20 3148.2000000000003 USD
VECTOR MaxRay Cocoon Handheld Digital X-ray
6,698.00 5,488.00 5488.0 USD
MaxRay Handheld Portable X-Ray
5,098.00 4,588.20 4588.2 USD
Vatech EzRay Air P
Call for Availability 5,398.00 4,858.20 4858.2 USD
Flight X-Vision Portable Handheld Digital X-ray
3,798.00 3,418.20 3418.2000000000003 USD

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