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DuraPro Health provides small dental equipment ranging from amalgamators to apex locators, curing lights to loupes, scalers, ultrasonic cleaners and much more.

Types of Dental Tools and Equipment

Equip your dental practice with essential tools and equipment from leading manufacturers, including:

  • Amalgamators: These devices create the proper proportions for mental dental restorations. Amalgam separators provide a complementary solution by assisting with the disposal of related scrap metal.

  • Dental endoscopes: This piece of dental equipment is essential for imaging. LED lighting and fiber optic technology help you see the subgingival environment in more detail.

  • CPR equipment: Consider your patients’ safety and compliance measures. Find resuscitators, defibrillators and other emergency medical supplies.

  • Crash carts: Also for medical emergencies, crash carts ensure you have all medical supplies ready to go for treatment.

  • Curing lights: Fillings and veneers to more complicated restorative procedures require curing to harden and stay in place. Find LED and more options to aid these processes.

  • Magnification: Dental loupes and microscopes improve visualizations of teeth and other mouth structures for evaluation, treatment and surgery.

  • Lighting: Get the visualization and illumination a range of dental procedures require.

  • Monitors: Complement your imaging solution with a large, detailed monitor for displaying the results and providing greater insight into your recommendations.

  • Polishing Systems: Traditional and ultrasonic polishing equipment help remove plaque and tartar during routine cleanings and in preparation for more invasive procedures.

  • Waste disposal: Ensure your office and operatory properly dispose of all dental waste with compliant equipment.

  • Scalers: Essential for cleanings and dental hygiene, traditional and ultrasonic scalers help remove tartar deposits without causing damage.

  • Ultrasonic cleaners: Keep your dental tools and equipment clean with chemical-free, easy-to-use ultrasonic cleaners.

  • VELscope oral screening devices: Improve cancer screening procedures with these advanced systems utilizing LED light to thoroughly view the oral cavity.

  • Water distillers: Eliminate the need to continue ordering bottled water.

Get Discounts on Essential Dental Equipment

Keep your practice running within your budget. For over 25 years, DuraPro Health has provided affordable dental equipment to professionals and upholds that mission through a selection spanning new and refurbished solutions. Browse today to stock up on basics for dental procedures and office operation.

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