Nitrous Oxide Systems

For the best selection of quality dental nitrous oxide delivery systems, be sure to shop at DuraPro Health. Our nitrous oxide units offer the versatility, reliability and quality you need at budget-friendly prices. Choose from standard flowmeter systems or manifold systems to setup your dental practice with safe and effective sedation. In addition to keeping your patients comfortable, you’ll be able to provide a wider range of services with the assistance of nitrous oxide. Learn more about our selection of dental nitrous oxide systems for sale.

Benefits of Dental Nitrous Oxide

Conscious sedation is an important facet of any dental practice. Being able to put your patients at ease while still being able to communicate is essential for many types of dental work. You can also use nitrous oxide to help patients with fears about dentistry or medical visits to feel more comfortable during their appointments by using this tool. In order for your nitrous oxide delivery to be safe and reliable, however, you must be sure to have up-to-date, quality equipment. Our collection includes a number of nitrous oxide accessories, parts and systems from some of the most trusted brands, including Belmed.

Types of Nitrous Oxide Equipment

At DuraPro Health, we offer a range of different nitrous oxide systems so you can get the best equipment for the unique needs of your practice. You’ll find a number of different flowmeters, including standard flush-mount flowmeters. For added convenience in your offices, consider choosing a nitrous system portable delivery system to serve your patients. Be sure to check out our selection of nitrous oxide system parts and accessories and our single-use nasal masks as well. Find the equipment you need for safe and effective patient sedation at DuraPro Health.


Belmed PC7 Flowmeter with Mobile Stand Options
4,398.00 3,958.20 3958.2000000000003 USD
Belmed PC7 Flowmeter and Options
1,698.00 1,528.20 1528.2 USD
Belmed PC7-C Flushmount Flowmeter
2,598.00 2,338.20 2338.2000000000003 USD
Belmed PC7-C Flushmount Flowmeter System
3,098.00 2,788.20 2788.2000000000003 USD
Belmed Zone Valve for Defender Automatic Manifold
1,398.00 1,258.20 1258.2 USD
Belmed Oral Surgery Flowmeter System w/ Telescoping Arm
3,598.00 3,238.20 3238.2000000000003 USD
Belmed 1/4 Hose Barb X Female DISS
35.00 31.50 31.5 USD
Belmed Coupler Fitting
26.80 24.12 24.12 USD
Belmed Tee - Female 1/8 NPT
26.80 24.12 24.12 USD
1/4 Hose Barb X Female 1/8 NPT
44.00 39.60 39.6 USD
Beaverstate 10-32 Hex Plug
7.40 6.66 6.66 USD
Beaverstate 1/16" Barb Union
12.40 11.16 11.16 USD
Beaverstate 10-32 Hex Barb 1/16"
8.40 7.56 7.5600000000000005 USD
Beaverstate 8-32 x 1/16" Hex Bar
8.40 7.56 7.5600000000000005 USD

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