Dental Carts

Create a dynamic office environment by outfitting your practice with mobile dental carts from DuraPro Health. These treatment carts offer convenient storage for important dental tools and supplies. Because they’re designed to be moved from room to room, each portable dental cabinet can be easily transported throughout your practice as needed. This helps to save time and creates efficient solutions for busy staff members. Shop now to find the best mobile dental cabinets for your dental practice.

A Convenient Storage Solution

Keeping all your supplies organized is easy when you use mobile dental carts. With a variety of cabinet and drawer arrangements, you can keep everything in a designated place so dentists and hygienists can reach them quickly. A simple cart with multiple drawers is great for storing items like gloves, masks and cotton rolls. The top of the cart also doubles as a convenient work surface. Just roll the cabinet through your offices as needed to refill supplies and complete patient exams. Another option is a cart that works as a self-contained treatment system. This type of portable unit can feature equipment like a compressor, vacuum pump and clean water tank with attached dental handpieces. A portable cart like this provides better flexibility for treating patients throughout your offices.

Dental Cart Styles

This collection at DuraPro Health features a number of different cart styles to meet your practice needs while maintaining a stylish look in your exam rooms. Check out some of our DuraPro dental carts featuring laminate tops that come in a wide variety of colors to coordinate with your space. Many of our Boyd delivery units have a wood grain appearance for a warm, traditional look. Choose a portable dental cart that looks great in your space and provides the storage and treatment options you need.

DuraPro Assistant's "Alabama" Dental Cart
1,198.00 1,198.00 1198.0 USD
DuraPro Assistant's "North Carolina" Dental Cart
1,198.00 1,198.00 1198.0 USD
DuraPro Doctors Dental Cart
1,198.00 1,198.00 1198.0 USD
DuraPro Mobile Orthodontic Cart w/ CPU Compartment
2,698.00 2,698.00 2698.0 USD
DuraPro Self-Contained Cart
4,298.00 4,298.00 4298.0 USD
Boyd Delivery Unit Model CSU-351
3,898.00 3,898.00 3898.0 USD
Boyd Delivery Unit Model CSU-351SQ
3,998.00 3,998.00 3998.0 USD
Boyd Delivery Unit Model CSU-356
4,798.00 4,798.00 4798.0 USD
Boyd Delivery Unit Model CSU-356SQ
4,898.00 4,898.00 4898.0 USD
Boyd Delivery Unit Model CSU-362
5,198.00 5,198.00 5198.0 USD
Boyd Delivery Unit Model CSU-362SQ
5,498.00 5,498.00 5498.0 USD
Boyd Delivery Unit Model CSU-370SL
5,798.00 5,798.00 5798.0 USD
Boyd Delivery Unit Model CSU-370SQ
6,398.00 6,398.00 6398.0 USD
TPC Orthodonic Mobile Delivery Cabinet
2,098.00 2,098.00 2098.0 USD
Boyd Ortho Cart
2,098.00 2,098.00 2098.0 USD
Galaxy Dental Caddy Portable Dentist Cart
458.00 458.00 458.0 USD

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