Upholstery Services

Bring your dental chairs back to life

Dental Planet offers upholstery kits for most dental chairs. Our Upholstery Department can provide a new upholstery set to give your dental chair that "New" Look. Our process is quick and easy.

  • INFO

    • Give us the make and model of your chair. If you’re not sure, snap a couple of pictures and email us: [email protected].


    • Choose your new upholstery type and color. We offer standard vinyl and ultra-leather options. You can see our available colors here or call one of our sales specialists to have samples sent to you.


    • When you receive your replacement cushions, simply remove the old and replace with the new. All of our upholstery kits are easily attached with snaps, Velcro or just a few bolts. Return the old upholstery “cores” in the box provided using the return mailing label.

  • ENJOY!