If part of your professional "exit strategy" includes your desire to continue your legacy, we can help you sell your practice to a Dental Professional who shares your values and clinical philosophy.  We understand the importance finding someone who will continue to care for your patients and staff, so please contact us to discuss how best to proceed.


When you reach out to the Dental Planet Transition Advisor, be assured that our discussions are highly confidential! We will sign off on a Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).


The process begins with a no-obligation discovery telephone consultation. You will learn what options are available and how others have made the transition from their day-to-day obligations of managing their practice.


After your discovery consultation, should you decide to move forward, we will provide a practice questionnaire for you to complete, along with reports accessible from your practice management program.


Next, your practice valuation is completed. We review the valuation including how it was determined and make sure you are in total agreement with the Valuation.


Finally, We Identify Interested and Financially Qualified Prospects. We blind advertize your practice and reach out to cooperative brokers to blind share your listing. We also contact mid-size DSOs to see if there are opportunities that you may find attractive.

In Summary, Our goal is to present you with options that you find acceptable. As importantly, a choice you are comfortable with as you transition your practice and patients to a new dental professional who shares your clinical philosophy in rendering care.