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Quickly repair any broken parts on your ultrasonic cleaner with this collection of Cavitron parts. This popular device is a favorite among today’s dentists and dental hygienists for its easy-to-use functions and fast, effective results. Frequent use, however, can lead certain parts and accessories to wear out or break over time. Instead of replacing the entire cleaner, you can simply turn to DuraPro Health to get official Dentsply Cavitron parts for speedy repairs to get the device back up and running. Learn more about the Cavitron and why it’s such an important piece of equipment in modern dental offices.

Benefits of the Cavitron Cleaning System

The Cavitron cleans teeth using ultrasonic technology, meaning that it vibrates at an incredibly high frequency. It’s similar to the way electric toothbrushes work, but it vibrates even faster. This ultrasonic cleaning allows the Cavitron to remove plaque and tartar while exerting very little pressure on the teeth. In addition to being highly effective in cleaning teeth, this device comes with different tips for precision cleaning and, thanks to an ergonomic design, it’s easier for hygienists to use. Ultimately, the Cavitron provides the most comfortable experience for patients as well.

Dentsply Cavitron Repair Parts

DuraPro Health has you covered when it comes to fixing your Cavitron cleaner. Dentsply repair for this device is fairly simple in many cases, allowing you to swap out old parts as needed to keep the ultrasonic cleaner in excellent working condition. Our collection of repair parts includes everything from Dentsply foot switches and water solenoid valve assemblies to simple O-rings and regulators. Check out the full selection to find just what you need to repair your Cavitron and other small equipment quickly and effectively. With our low prices, you’ll be able to save money and avoid the high cost of a full device replacement.

$ 134.00 $ 120.60 120.60000000000001 USD
$ 99.00 $ 89.10 89.10000000000001 USD
$ 104.00 $ 93.60 93.60000000000001 USD
$ 144.00 $ 129.60 129.6 USD
$ 134.00 $ 120.60 120.60000000000001 USD
$ 118.00 $ 106.20 106.2 USD
$ 118.00 $ 106.20 106.2 USD
$ 114.00 $ 102.60 102.60000000000001 USD
$ 13.40 $ 12.06 12.06 USD
$ 44.00 $ 39.60 39.6 USD
$ 114.00 $ 102.60 102.60000000000001 USD
$ 168.00 $ 151.20 151.20000000000002 USD

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