Sharps Disposal

Our wide variety of sharps containers and sharps container sets provide you with versatile options for the disposal of your sharps waste, perfect for any dental or medical office. Find the container that’s ideal for your purposes and space, all at discounted rates at DuraPro Health. Keep your work space clean and organized with this selection of containers for red bag and sharps waste.

Versatile Options for Any Office

No matter your needs, we’ve got you covered at DuraPro Health. Our sharps containers come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes so that you can find the container that is best suited to your professional needs. Find sharps containers that range from 1.5 quarts to 16 gallons, so that you can provide safe removal of your waste according to how actively it is produced.

We offer traditional red sharps disposal systems, chemotherapy sharps containers, stackable sharps container sets that come with a variety of different sizes, sharps containers featuring wide or small openings, containers with simple or complex locking mechanisms and so much more.

We also sell a variety of accessories so that you can make the most of your sharps container storage. We sell brackets for secure wall mounting of containers, trolleys for moving larger sharps containers, cable locks for extra security and quick release straps for the easy replacement of containers. The removal of syringes and other sharp objects has never been easier with our variety of applicable products.

Great Savings on Containers

Shop DuraPro Health and find fantastic savings on sharps containers, brackets, trolleys, locks and many other products from our store. Through direct marketing, we’re able to provide you with great deals on anything you need, and our wide selection makes it so that you won’t need to shop anywhere else. We also offer a price match guarantee — if you find an identical product that’s in stock and sold for less at one of our competitor’s stores, we’ll match the price for you because we’re committed to bringing you the best deals. Call us or fill out or online support form for any questions that you may have.

Pureway Sharps 3 Gallon Four-Pack Disposal System
198.00 178.20 178.20000000000002 USD
Medegen Chemo-Sorb Powder, 144 pk/cs
348.00 313.20 313.2 USD
BD Patient Room Sharps Collector, 5.4 Qt, Side Entry, Red, 20/cs
Call for Availability 184.00 165.60 165.6 USD
BD Patient Room Sharps Collector, 5.4 Qt, Side Entry, Pearl
Call for Availability 184.00 165.60 165.6 USD
BD Sharps Collector Locking Wall Bracket For 5.4 Qt Collector
Call for Availability 314.00 282.60 282.6 USD
BD Multi-Use Nestable Sharps Collector, 14 Qt, Clear Top, Large Open Cap, Red
Call for Availability 244.00 219.60 219.6 USD
BD Multi-Use Nestable Sharps Collectors, 14 Qt, Large Funnel Cap, Clear Top
Call for Availability 244.00 219.60 219.6 USD
BD Sharps Collector Site-of-Use Mounting Bracket For Collector
Call for Availability 168.00 151.20 151.20000000000002 USD
BD Phlebotomy Sharps Collector, 1.5 Qt, Phlebotomy, Red
Call for Availability 154.00 138.60 138.6 USD
BD Chemotherapy Sharps Collector, 5 Gallon, Plug Cap, Yellow (not autoclavable)
Call for Availability 158.00 142.20 142.20000000000002 USD
Medegen Stackable Sharps Container, 8 Gallon Translucent Red
158.00 142.20 142.20000000000002 USD

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