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Make sure your employees and patients all feel safe at your practice with quality dental gloves from DuraPro Health. Gloves are one of the most important dental supplies for creating a hygienic practice. However, due to the detailed work involved in dentistry, it’s critically important that gloves also allow for excellent dexterity. Our selection includes a variety of nitrile, latex and vinyl gloves dental professionals can use to make sure that patients receive the safest and best care possible. Learn more about all options available at DuraPro Health to supply your office with sufficient and appropriate hand protection.

Latex vs. Nitrile vs. Vinyl Gloves

Material isn’t just about comfort level. Instead, it reflects puncture resistance and creates a barrier against exposure. Common types of dental gloves include:

  • Nitrile dental gloves: Offering an alternative to latex, nitrile gloves are made from medical-grade synthetic rubber and provide puncture-resistant protection without compromising dexterity. Nitrile dental gloves allow for longer wear and guard your hands from exposures and infection, including bacteria and bodily fluids. Please note, however, that nitrile can break down when exposed to UV rays.
  • Vinyl dental gloves: Vinyl dental gloves are made from allergy-free synthetic material. This is generally the top choice for cheap disposable gloves used in dental examinations and other short treatments to reduce exposure risks. However, note that the thinner material isn’t as durable and doesn’t resist chemical exposure.
  • Rubber dental gloves: Made with synthetic rubber or plastic, these dental gloves are ideal for working with chemicals and biological exposures. In turn, construction provides a high degree of tear resistance.
  • Latex dentist gloves: Latex dental gloves share similar attributes with nitrile, including reducing exposure risks and providing a high degree of sensitivity. However, the material is known for causing an allergic reaction among some individuals.

Wrist and elbow-length latex exam gloves are often used for surgical procedures due to the enhanced dexterity they offer. Examination gloves, meanwhile, reduce contact with a patient’s mucous membranes to lessen cross-contamination risks.

Shop for Affordable Dentist Gloves  Online

If you’re trying to find affordable dental glove suppliers, you’ve come to the right place. At DuraPro Health, we use direct marketing to keep our costs as low as possible and pass the savings on to our customers. We want to make sure every dental practice can stock up on quality supplies at a competitive rate. Shop on our website today to discover great prices on latex, nitrile and vinyl dental gloves from trusted brands like Innovative DermAssist, Microflex and Sempermed.

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