Intraoral Cameras

Difficult patients using Google to self-diagnose? Use a digital intraoral camera to show the patient the dental issues they cannot otherwise see. 

High-Quality Dental Intraoral Cameras

DuraPro Health offers a comprehensive selection of intraoral cameras for dentistry. With wide-angled lenses, USB direct transmission and many more useful features available, you can find the product that suits you and your office best. Take a look through our options of certified pre-owned and new digital imaging equipment — all complete with a warranty to guarantee that your product will look and perform like new.

Why add one of our intraoral dental cameras to your current equipment? Because an intraoral camera directly benefits you through a variety of improvements. Intraoral cameras assist with early detection of oral health issues, allows you to directly educate your patient, improves the accuracy of the diagnosis and advised treatment, and enhances your credibility as a dentist overall. A satisfied patient is a patient who will return and refer you to others.

Browse the Best Intraoral Camera Dental Equipment

Intraoral cameras represent the best dental tool available for displaying live images and videos of issues, as well as bridging the gap between a dentist’s knowledge and a patient’s inability to perceive the issue. Pair your camera with equipment like monitors, receivers and docking stations to make the most of your new tool. With our range of products, you can find exactly what you’re looking for.

Prioritizing value and utility, the intraoral dental cameras we offer bring price savings to you. With parts and on-site labor included, as well as expert sales consultants and technicians with free telephone and remote support, DuraPro Health is not just a dental industry leader. We bring the best value in the industry to you.

Save 40 to 60% here because DuraPro Health pioneered certified pre-owned digital intraoral cameras. Call DuraPro Health before you buy!

SuperVista Digital Intraoral Camera
598.00 538.20 538.2 USD
Acteon Sopro 617 Intraoral Camera
Call for Availability 1,498.00 1,348.20 1348.2 USD
Kodak/Carestream CS1500 Intraoral Dental Camera
1,200.00 1,020.00 1020.0 USD
Acteon Sopro 717 First Intraoral Camera
Call for Availability 4,198.00 3,778.20 3778.2000000000003 USD
Acteon SoproCare Intraoral Diagnostic Camera
Call for Availability 4,698.00 4,228.20 4228.2 USD
AdvanceCAM USB Direct Intraoral Camera
608.00 547.20 547.2 USD
Flight Whicam Intraoral Camera
2,498.00 2,248.20 2248.2000000000003 USD
OwandyCam USB Intraoral Camera
908.00 817.20 817.2 USD
TPC Advance Cam Camera Holder
23.20 20.88 20.88 USD
TPC Docking Station Cordless Receiver
108.00 97.20 97.2 USD
100MM Flat Screen Adapter Plate
16.80 15.12 15.120000000000001 USD
TPC Mini SD CAM Power Supply
114.00 102.60 102.60000000000001 USD
TPC Mirage Flat Screen Monitor
414.00 372.60 372.6 USD
TPC Mirage Monitor Bracket
148.00 133.20 133.2 USD
TPC Monitor Adapter Holder
62.00 55.80 55.800000000000004 USD
TPC Standard LCD Monitor Bracket
91.00 81.90 81.9 USD
TPC Super Thin X-ray Viewer
108.00 97.20 97.2 USD
TPC Wireless Transmitter
148.00 133.20 133.2 USD

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