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Create custom models with easy grinding power by using one of these quality dental model trimmers available at DuraPro Health. This essential piece of dental laboratory equipment allows you to create plaster or stone casts that are customized to detailed specifications. By removing excess material quickly and effectively, it cuts down on production time and ensures a better result for the patient. Learn more about how to choose the right dental model grinder for your lab and what types of model trimmers are available on our website.

Types of Dental Model Trimmers

The three main styles of dental model trimmers are wet, dry and combination trimmers (which can do both wet and dry grinding). There are benefits to both wet and dry functions, and some labs prefer to stick with a single approach. For those who want both capabilities, a combination wet/dry dental model trimmer is the best solution. Note that when any dry grinding takes place, a dust collection system will need to be set up to make sure no other work areas in the lab are affected. While small dental model trimmers are a great option for individual work stations, some dental laboratories prefer a larger device that has sufficient power for a high-volume facility.

Trusted Dental Industry Brands

Grinding is one of the most important steps in producing plaster and stone casts. For that reason, it’s important to choose a device from a brand that is known for its reliable, quality equipment. At DuraPro Health, we offer dental model trimmers from some of the most trusted brands in the dental industry, including Ray Foster, Handler and Buffalo. Whether you’re looking for upgrade from an older model grinder or you’re setting up a brand-new lab, you’ll find something to suit your needs on our website.

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