Evacuation Saliva Ejectors/Screens

Dental Planet carries many different Saliva Ejectors by MDC, TID, Crosstex, Microbrush, and 3D. MSI's Disinfectant micro-cide by the gallon.  Mydent's Cuspidor traps and evacuation tips and trays. Crosstex's Advantage evacuator tips that are vented, non-vented, slotted and safe flow adapters.  Lumed Science LEAP 2100 Illuminated mount props. Mars Liberty Boss Amalgam Separator upgrade kit- dry vacuum.


3D Dental Disposable Traps, 144ct
22.00 20.90 20.900000000000002 USD
TPC Disposable Evacuator Tips - Small
2.40 2.28 2.2800000000000002 USD
TPC Disposable Evacuator Tips - Large
2.40 2.28 2.2800000000000002 USD
Keystone Saliva Ejectors
4.29 4.08 4.08 USD
D-1 High Volume Evacuator Tips/White-KI
92.80 88.16 88.16 USD
D-2 High Volume Evacuator Tips/White-KI
104.00 98.80 98.8 USD
Medicom Hve Suction Tip, Vented S Shape
43.00 40.85 40.85 USD