Assistant's Vacuum Group

Set your staff up for success with these dental assistant accessories from Dental Planet. Our selection includes a variety of the most commonly used assistant tools, including vacuum groups, cuspidors and telescoping arms. These handy devices will help dental assistants provide the best care possible to patients in exam rooms or operatories. To start setting up a more convenient and efficient work spaces in your dental practice, browse through this selection of high-quality dental equipment for assistants.

Tools for Dental Assistants

In a busy dental practice, it’s important to have the right equipment to help each member of your staff do their job as efficiently as possible. For dental assistants, that means having the tools they need easily at their disposable and set up in a way that can be customized to each patient. These dental assistant vacuum groups and other accessories offer the versatility and convenience needed to provide patient care services that are safe and hygienic without slowing staff down. Dental assistant arms keep tools at the ready and allow the assistant to move accessories such as dental cuspidors closer to the patient as needed. The option to have a telescoping arm or swivel-mount vacuum system ensures that dental assistants can customize the setup in each space to what’s both ergonomic for them personally and most convenient for the exams or procedures being performed.

Dental Assistant Accessories from Top Brands

Getting high-quality instruments for your dental practice ensures that you’ll be able to better care for your patients day in and day out. When you shop at Dental Planet, you’ll find dental assistant tools from some of the most trusted brands in the industry, including Beaverstate and Summit Dental. Start shopping now to find affordable prices on this must-have dental equipment.

Cabinet Mount Vacuum Accessory Kit
568.00 539.60 539.6 USD
Beaverstate Asepsis Design Cuspidor
1,098.00 1,043.10 1043.1 USD
Beaverstate Asepsis Design Cuspidor with Vacuum
1,598.00 1,518.10 1518.1000000000001 USD
Deluxe Vacuum Accessory Kit
364.00 345.80 345.8 USD
Vacuum Accessory Kit
604.00 573.80 573.8000000000001 USD
Summit Dental - CUSPIDOR
1,398.00 1,328.10 1328.1000000000001 USD
Summit Dental - 1615E ASSISTANT ARM
500.00 475.00 475.0 USD