Handheld / Portable X-rays

Portable or handheld X-ray machines can reduce upfront costs associated with opening a new dental office or can equip a dentist on the go with a flexible dental solution. Our great selection of handheld dental X-ray cameras provide your office with a valuable, versatile solution to the rigid restrictions of wall-mounted and ceiling-mounted units.

User-Friendly Portable Dental X-Ray Equipment

Portable dental X-ray units can be used in any room in the dental office, so there is no need to purchase a periapical for each operatory. These easy-to-use, flexible machines offer greater patient security for those who have difficulties with X-rays by allowing you to stay in the room with the patient, simultaneously reducing the number of retakes and time dedicated to the process. 

These are a must-have for the discerning dentist with geriatric, special needs, pediatric or fearful patients. Additionally, the freedom of movement allowed by switching to a portable X-ray unit or by adding one to your office allows you to greatly expand the angles available, something that bulky wall-mounted arms cannot offer.

Find Portable Dental X-Ray Machines for Your Practice

These lightweight and effective machines offer an elegant solution to any mobile dental clinic or office wishing to lower cost of operations. With portable dental X-ray machines, there is no need for installation, electrical work or additional cabinetry, greatly lowering acquisition and maintenance costs. We offer a range of products in different sizes, costs and with a variety of useful features, so you can find the X-ray equipment that best suits your office. You can even sell your used equipment to us as well. Peruse our selection of affordable, versatile and effective products today.

Port-X IV Portable Dental X-ray System
4,998.00 4,998.00 4998.0 USD
Genoray Handheld Portable Dental X-ray
4,498.00 4,498.00 4498.0 USD
Corix 70 Plus Mobile X-ray
3,498.00 3,498.00 3498.0 USD
VECTOR MaxRay Cocoon Handheld Digital X-ray
6,698.00 5,488.00 5488.0 USD
MobileX Handheld Portable X-ray
4,598.00 4,598.00 4598.0 USD
MaxRay Handheld Portable X-Ray
5,098.00 5,098.00 5098.0 USD
Vatech EzRay Air P
Call for Availability 5,398.00 5,398.00 5398.0 USD
Flight X-Vision Portable Handheld Digital X-ray
3,998.00 3,998.00 3998.0 USD

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