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Multiple procedures for your dental practice require a source of water. Yet, you can’t just use the tap. Water used to clean and polish teeth and sterilize equipment needs to be free from bacteria, other microorganisms and debris.

For a shortcut, you may have gotten into the habit of purchasing bottled water. Although this approach gives you the quality needed for procedures and sanitation purposes, it generates waste. A water distiller can help your practice limit waste without compromising water quality.

What Does a Dental Water Distiller Do?

The purpose of a water distiller is to provide a clean, ready-to-use source of water that’s free of bacteria, parasites, dust and other debris and impurities. To deliver this, the distiller first boils the water until it creates steam. From here, the steam comes in contact with cold stainless-steel coils, causing the water to condense. The droplets pass through a specialized carbon filter to remove any impurities and end up in a container for use.

This water source then assists with various procedures in your practice. One, it’s essential for tooth polishing and cleaning, where water is combined with a powder and delivered at a high speed to remove plaque and tartar buildup. In addition, it can be added to an autoclave to sterilize tools and instruments through heat.

Shop Dental Water Distillers

Upgrade your practice’s operations and reduce its waste impact with a water distiller. DuraPro Health has supplied dentists with the essentials for over three decades, and today, our offerings span from new to high-quality refurbished equipment at discounts of up to 60% off original prices. Browse dental water distillers from Tuttnauer and other brands today.