Portable Equipment

Treat patients anywhere, anytime with the help of portable equipment from DuraPro Health. When you’re able to easily move your dental units from one place to another, it adds even more opportunities for your dental practice to succeed. Portable dental equipment can be used within a busy dental office with multiple exam rooms. In addition, it allows for the opportunity to treat patients in their homes or go on the road with a mobile dental clinic to different areas. Being able to offer these types of services can be beneficial to your community while also giving your practice room to grow and expand. 

With our affordable prices on portable dental units, you’re sure to find something that meets your needs in this collection. When you shop on our site, you’ll also have your choice of new and refurbished portable dental units, portable dental chairs, portable dental drills and more, which makes it easy to get the dental clinic equipment you need without exceeding your budget.

Types of Portable Dental Units

Stools are one of the most common types of portable equipment used in dental offices. Dentists need to be able to move around freely to treat patients from specific angles, and portable operatory stools make that possible. They provide a comfortable place for dental professionals to sit while still allowing for variable positioning as needed.

Besides stools, there are a number of other pieces of dental equipment that need to be portable in order to be effective. Portable lights can be useful when extra illumination is needed for certain procedures. Place them in any space to get the lighting you need. 

If you want to be able to provide your dental services in any location, consider investing in a portable delivery system. These self-contained mobile dental units and portable dental chairs can be moved from room to room within your offices or brought along for an in-home visit, giving patients a feeling similar to what they would experience in your offices. Other options that are particularly popular for home visits and mobile dental clinics include portable X-ray equipment and air compressors. 

How to Choose Portable Dental Equipment

An important factor to keep in mind when shopping for portable units is how much space you have available. For example, if you intend to move a portable delivery system between exam rooms within your office, it needs to be able to fit through your doorways and hallways. For units that you plan to transport in a vehicle, think about how much cargo space you have available. In these scenarios, having folding portable dental chairs frees up more room for other equipment and supplies when you’re on the go. 

In addition, look for reputable brands like DuraPro, Safari and DNTLworks to get equipment that will hold up well over time. Make DuraPro Health your go-to portable dental equipment supplier for quality products from trusted name brands.


Port-X IV Portable Dental X-ray System
4,998.00 4,498.20 4498.2 USD
DuraPro Mobile Orthodontic Cart w/ CPU Compartment
2,698.00 2,428.20 2428.2000000000003 USD
DuraPro Self-Contained Cart
4,298.00 3,868.20 3868.2000000000003 USD
Genoray Handheld Portable Dental X-ray
4,498.00 4,048.20 4048.2000000000003 USD
Corix 70 Plus Mobile X-ray
3,498.00 3,148.20 3148.2000000000003 USD
VECTOR MaxRay Cocoon Handheld Digital X-ray
6,698.00 5,488.00 5488.0 USD
Safari Led Light w/Sensor
1,398.00 1,258.20 1258.2 USD
Safari LED Light on Mobile Base
2,348.00 2,113.20 2113.2 USD
Safari Chair Mounted Tray
825.00 742.50 742.5 USD
LIFE Start System Cylinder Only
113.08 101.77 101.77 USD
LIFE CPR Masks with Valve, 02 barb, strap (20 per case)
11.15 10.04 10.040000000000001 USD
LIFE Soft Pac (0 to 25 LPM Variable Flow)
335.03 301.53 301.53000000000003 USD
LIFE Start System
335.03 301.53 301.53000000000003 USD
LIFE Soft Pac Replacement Cylinder Only
174.62 157.16 157.16 USD
LIFE Oxygen Pac (6 & 12 LPM)
484.78 436.30 436.3 USD
LIFE Oxygen Pac (0 to 25 LPM Variable Flow)
484.78 436.30 436.3 USD
LIFE Oxygen Pac Replacement Cylinder Only
211.54 190.39 190.39000000000001 USD

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