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Even with diligent at-home dental care, patients still develop plaque, which can harden into tartar. Professional cleaning involving polishing helps remove these deposits and decrease cavity and gum disease risks. Keep reading to learn more about air polishers, ultrasonic scalers and other polishing systems for your practice.

Air Polishers and Air Polishing Systems

With air polishing systems, high-pressure air plus a polishing or prophy powder is aimed directly at the patient’s teeth. This abrasive effect helps dislodge accumulated plaque and tartar, smooth the surface, reduce the appearance of stains and get rid of periodontal pockets. This technology was introduced in the 1970s as an alternative to manual scraping and prophy cup polishing.

Today, multiple powders are available to accommodate and clean the various tissues present in the mouth. Manufacturers of dental air polishing systems include Dentsply, Johnson-Promident and TPC, to name a few.

Ultrasonic Scalers and Cleaners

Ultrasonic scalers perform a similar function as an air polisher but with high-frequency sound waves. These sound waves cause the tip of the tool to vibrate. In conjunction with water, this movement helps remove plaque deposits, as well as staining.

Due to the small size of the tip, ultrasonic scalers further help with removing plaque deposits below the gumline, including in deeper pockets, and are ideal for individuals with more sensitive or weaker teeth. In fact, an ultrasonic cleaner can reduce or eliminate the need for anesthesia in patients with dental sensitivity. Browse ultrasonic scalers and cleaners from Acteon, Johnson-Promident and TPC now.

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