At DuraPro Health, we always have your safety and the safety of your patients in mind. Some of the most important safety and emergency items you need for your practice can be found in this selection of CPR equipment and accessories. While you hope that you never have to use them, it’s critical to make sure you have the right supplies on hand just in case. Check out this selection of CPR essentials available from DuraPro Health at great low prices.

Resuscitators and Defibrillators 

When you’re considering which emergency medical supplies to purchase for your practice, it’s important to note that in some states, it is the law to have AED medical devices available within the office. But regardless of your local regulations, we recommend having a resuscitator and defibrillator on hand for the safety of everyone in your facility. At DuraPro Health, we offer Cardiac Science Powerheart AEDs as well as options like ADC Adsafe CPR pocket resuscitators with carrying cases, Zoll CPR connectors, ResQCPR systems and ResQGARD I TD systems. 

CPR Accessories

If you work in any kind of healthcare facility, it’s important to make sure your entire staff knows how to respond in a medical emergency. Our collection also includes demo kits and accessories, such as the Real CPR help travel trainer and demo manikins, to assist in this training. Whether you have a CPR expert come in to facilitate a training or you use these accessories to brush up on skills every year, you’ll be making the smart choice by having the right accessories on hand. Shop now to find the CPR equipment and supplies you need to make your office as safe as possible.


AED Plus Package
1,998.00 1,798.20 1798.2 USD
Defibtech Lifeline VIEW AED Defibrillator
2,298.00 2,068.20 2068.2 USD
Defibtech Lifeline ECG AED Defibrillator
2,898.00 2,608.20 2608.2000000000003 USD
Defibtech Lifeline Starter Kit
Call for Availability 1,898.00 1,708.20 1708.2 USD
Zoll Resqpod® Itd 16
134.00 120.60 120.60000000000001 USD
Zoll Ipr Products/ResQPOD® ITD 10
134.00 120.60 120.60000000000001 USD
Zoll Manikit (CPR Manikin Adapter Kit for ACD-CPR Training)
198.00 178.20 178.20000000000002 USD
ResQCPR™ Carrying Case
74.00 66.60 66.6 USD
Zoll CPR Connector
414.00 372.60 372.6 USD
Zoll CPR Demo Kits - AED Plus ® Demo
504.00 453.60 453.6 USD
Zoll CPR Demo Kits - CPR-D Demo Electrodes with Cable
158.00 142.20 142.20000000000002 USD
Zoll CPR Demo Kits - CPR Demo Manikin
248.00 223.20 223.20000000000002 USD
Zoll Real CPR Help Travel Trainer
504.00 453.60 453.6 USD

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