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As a restorative dental procedure, root canals involve removing infected pulp to preserve the body of a tooth. From here, a crown gets added to what remains to help prevent the progression of decay and protect the dentin and any exposed nerves.

For these procedures, an apex locator helps detect how deep and long the root canal needs to be. Find both new and refurbished solutions to outfit your dental practice and provide efficient restorative work.

How Does an Apex Locator Work?

Each apex locator is equipped with a file holder, contrary electrode, probe cord, tester and long file holder.

For a root canal, length is determined by measuring the apical canal constriction. Without this measurement, there’s potential to leave tissue behind – thus allowing decay to continue – or drill too far into the tooth.

The apex locator is equipped with two clips. One connects to an endodontic file already inserted into the canal. The second sits in the patient’s mouth, creating an electrical circuit once the endodontic file reaches the tissue and fluid of the apical foramen. Upon detecting this conductive material, the apex locator will let you know that a circuit has been created. Devices do this through a light, beeping sound or other digital notification.

Browse New and Refurbished Apex Locators

Offer reliable, precise root canal treatments with apex locators from DuraPro Health. To update your equipment, browse devices from Beyes Dental, J. Morita and Parkell. Along with quality equipment at an affordable price, we back your purchase with white glove delivery, installation, a warranty and assistance from our expert service technicians.

$ 55.00 $ 49.50 49.5 USD
$ 19.40 $ 17.46 17.46 USD
$ 55.00 $ 49.50 49.5 USD
$ 1,298.00 $ 1,168.20 1168.2 USD
$ 1,298.00 $ 1,168.20 1168.2 USD
$ 1,598.00 $ 1,438.20 1438.2 USD
$ 478.00 $ 430.20 430.2 USD
$ 574.00 $ 516.60 516.6 USD
$ 808.00 $ 727.20 727.2 USD
$ 528.00 $ 475.20 475.2 USD