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Produce clear, accurate images with digital X-ray equipment from DuraPro Health. For many existing dental practices, finding the right digital dental X-ray machine can be daunting. However, you don’t need to be a tech expert to make the right choice. Instead, when you shop at DuraPro Health, our selection of dental digital panoramic and cephalometric X-ray machines includes high-performance options from some of the top equipment manufacturers in dentistry. Learn more about these exciting technological advances to find the best fit for your needs.

What Are Digital Panoramic and Cephalometric Dental X-Rays?

Compared to traditional film options, digital X-rays allow for viewing right after exposure and limit radiation levels. A dentist can zoom in for more detailed viewing and accurate diagnoses and store the results electronically for reference at a later date. The process further eliminates the time, equipment and chemicals needed for development.

When comparing it to film X-rays, this technology is cheaper, more environmentally friendly and produces less radiation exposure for you and your patients.

Extraoral X-rays are among the digital possibilities out there. Types include:

  • Panoramic Dental X-rays: True to the name, these digital dental X-rays provide a wide view of the mouth. Imaging can capture all teeth and the full jaw, as well as the temporomandibular joints (TMJ) and nasal cavity. This perspective allows for more precise diagnoses and treatment plans.
  • Cephalometric (ceph) X-rays: Cephalometric X-rays also provide a comprehensive look at the mouth. In this case, that’s all teeth and bone structure, as well as a side profile of the face. A panoramic X-ray machine with a specific film or mounted sensor holder assists with this procedure. Dentists request this type of digital X-ray as they plan orthodontic and surgical procedures.

New and Refurbished Digital Dental X-Ray Equipment

Choosing the right X-ray equipment is essential for any dental practice. You’ll find that both dental digital panoramic and cephalometric X-ray equipment are excellent options for modernizing your services and helping to ensure the best results for your patients. Digital panoramic X-ray machines make it exceptionally easy to collect, organize and access X-ray images. Many of the same features apply to cephalometric X-ray machines, with the added ability to capture images extraorally for a wider field of view. For many orthodontists and dentists, this is the preferred diagnostic tool for complex issues, including obstructive sleep apnea and temporomandibular disorder (TMD).

Browse through our selection of panoramic and cephalometric X-ray machines from top brands like RayScan and Vatech to find the best fit for your practice. Along with new equipment, we offer quality refurbished models that allow you to save 40% to 60% over the cost of a new model.

$ 24,898.00 $ 21,163.30 21163.3 USD
$ 39,598.00 $ 32,998.00 32998.0 USD
$ 69,898.00 $ 62,908.20 62908.200000000004 USD
$ 106,998.00 $ 96,298.20 96298.2 USD
Call for Availability $ 34,898.00 $ 29,663.30 29663.3 USD
$ 39,998.00 $ 35,998.20 35998.200000000004 USD
$ 24,898.00 $ 21,163.30 21163.3 USD
$ 22,898.00 $ 17,998.00 17998.0 USD
Call for Availability $ 22,998.00 $ 19,548.30 19548.3 USD
$ 19,998.00 $ 17,998.00 17998.0 USD
Call for Availability $ 25,898.00 $ 22,013.30 22013.3 USD
$ 1,598.00 $ 1,438.20 1438.2 USD
$ 20,998.00 $ 17,848.30 17848.3 USD
$ 76,198.00 $ 68,578.20 68578.2 USD

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