Healthcare Supplies

Think about all that your medical or dental practice requires to function. You need tools, pharmaceuticals and more for cosmetic, restorative and surgical procedures. You also require equipment for exams and imaging.

In addition, you need to think about how you protect your staff, keep your space clean, conduct testing and dispose of all waste. DuraPro Health has anticipated the needs of dental and medical professionals for over 25 years, and continues to help your practice run with a broad range of essential healthcare supplies.

Explore Healthcare Supplies for Medical & Dental Offices

Remain compliant and carry out procedures with precision with the following healthcare supplies:

  • Protective supplies: Keep your hands, face and other parts of your body protected against various exposures. Outfit your office with gloves, dispensers and protective apparel for this purpose.

  • Disposables: From sponges to gauze, make sure your medical or dental office has the right disposable supplies on hand to treat wounds and keep messes in check.

  • Furniture and equipment: Complete your office and operatory with tables and other essential equipment.

  • Sterilization and cleaning: Make sure equipment gets sterilized, surfaces stay clean and infection risks remain low.

  • Instruments, syringes and surgical supplies: Find needles, injection and surgical supplies, syringes and instruments for general and specialized practice.

  • Lab equipment: Make sure your office is prepared to take samples and perform a range of tests.

  • Skin and wound care: Treat wounds and other injuries with standard and compression bandages, gauze, tapes and cleansers.

  • Sharps disposal: You know that needles and other instruments can’t be discarded in the trash or recycling, so equip your medical or dental office with a sharps disposal container.

  • Safety and emergency equipment: Anticipate any type of emergency that could happen — from a spill to a natural disaster — and stock your office with appropriate supplies.

Save on Healthcare Supplies

For over 25 years, DuraPro Health has promised affordable equipment and solutions to dental and medical professionals. We maintain that through all aspects of our business, including our wide selection of healthcare supplies. Stock up today and save on all the essentials.


PoweCom KN95 Protective Mask, 100 count
398.00 358.20 358.2 USD
Halyard KC300 Earloop Procedure Mask, Fog-Free, Box of 40
11.89 10.70 10.700000000000001 USD
BD Connecta Plus Stopcocks 4-Way Tap Rotation and White Tap, 500/Pack
Call for Availability 384.00 345.60 345.6 USD

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