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As a dental professional, itā€™s your duty to help protect the health of your patients. Part of that responsibility means screening for potential diseases. VELscopeĀ® has created an advanced system for oral screening that has become a go-to device in many medical environments. At DuraPro Health, weā€™re proud to offer VELscope products that are easy for dentists and dental hygienists to use while also helping patients gain greater insights into their personal health. Learn more about the VELscope assessment system and why itā€™s such an important medical device.

How the VELscope Oral Screening Device Works

The VELscope system relies primarily on a handheld oral scope. This device contains an LED ring that emits blue light into the oral cavity, revealing any abnormalities in the mucosa, including cellular and structural tissue changes. This improves the way that dental health professionals screen for certain conditions, including oral and oropharyngeal cancer, which affects nearly 54,000 people in the United States each year. With earlier detection thanks to the VELscope oral cancer screening system, oral and oropharyngeal cancer patients can have better outcomes.Ā 

VELscope Scopes and Accessories

To introduce this innovative product to your practice, choose from our wide selection of VELscope products. The wireless handheld VELscope scope is the most important element of this system. Our recommendation is to choose the VELscope and Vx value bundle, which includes addition items to set you up for successful implementation with your patients. Make the right choice for your patientsā€™ health by investing in VELscope system, now available at an affordable price point at DuraPro Health.

$Ā 2,299.00 $Ā 2,069.10 2069.1 USD
$Ā 2,799.00 $Ā 2,519.10 2519.1 USD
$Ā 615.00 $Ā 553.50 553.5 USD
$Ā 44.47 $Ā 40.02 40.02 USD