Dental Chair Parts

Keep your dental chairs functioning properly and your patients comfortable with this collection of dental chair parts from DuraPro Health. The chairs you use in your exam and treatment rooms are critical to providing care to each patient. They’re also a major investment, so when something breaks or becomes worn out on a dental chair, it can be a huge hit to your budget to replace the entire chair. Fortunately, this selection of parts for dental chairs can help you save money and get quick, easy fixes for maintenance and repairs over time. Learn more about our selection of dental chair parts to find the best fit for the equipment in your dental offices.

Types of Replacement Dental Chair Parts

When you browse through our collection, you’ll find dozens of high-quality parts from which to choose. From complex dental chair hydraulic cylinders, lift motors and hand control panels to simple end caps, foot switch pedals and coil cords, there are parts to suit all kinds of different repairs and Preventative Maintenance (PM) schedules. By buying these parts directly from our website, you can save money when it’s time to fix your dental chairs. Our direct marketing makes it possible for us to offer low prices on new dental equipment supplies.

Shop by Dental Chair Brand

Our collection of dental chair parts is massive, but fortunately, you can quickly find exactly what you’re looking for by shopping for parts from a specific manufacturer. You’ll find parts and accessories available from top brands like A-dec, Dental-EZ, Midmark, Belmont, Dexta and more. Choose the manufacturer you need and select the correct model to locate the parts you require. If you’re in need of complete chair replacements or you’re outfitting a new practice, check out our selection of new and refurbished dental hydraulic chairs for sale online.


Hand Control
654.00 588.60 588.6 USD
Hand Control Panel
294.00 264.60 264.6 USD
Hand Control PC Board
188.00 169.20 169.20000000000002 USD
Coil Cord
7.40 6.66 6.66 USD
Top End Cap
6.40 5.76 5.76 USD
Top End Cap (Velcro)
6.40 5.76 5.76 USD
Bottom End Cap
5.80 5.22 5.22 USD
Back & Foot Actuator
1,398.00 1,258.20 1258.2 USD
Base & Tilt Actuator
1,398.00 1,258.20 1258.2 USD
Brake & Coupler Kit
77.00 69.30 69.3 USD
Motor Coupler
46.00 41.40 41.4 USD
Support Bar
138.00 124.20 124.2 USD
Pry Bar
168.00 151.20 151.20000000000002 USD
Gas Cylinder
188.00 169.20 169.20000000000002 USD
Program Panel
438.00 394.20 394.2 USD
Interface PC Board
234.00 210.60 210.6 USD
Capacitor (27-36 uF; 330VAC)
19.40 17.46 17.46 USD
Capacitor (41-53 uF; 330VAC)
29.40 26.46 26.46 USD
Capacitor Cap (1.44" dia.)
6.40 5.76 5.76 USD

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