Dental Chairs

Improve the services at your dental practice with these high-quality chairs from DuraPro Health. Dental chairs may not seem like the most important piece of equipment in your offices, but they can have a significant impact on patient comfort and staff performance. You want your patients to feel at ease during their appointments, and a good dental chair is a critical part of that. In addition, the ability to position patients correctly for various procedures, exams and treatments helps dentists and hygienists do their work more effectively. Browse through the full collection of dental chairs on our site to find oral surgery chairs, orthodontic chairs, patient chairs, examination chairs and pediatric benches.

Important Dental Chair Features

To get the right dental chairs for your practice, it’s important to consider exactly what features will best serve your needs. Many modern practices are updating their older chairs to ones with power controls that can be easily adjusted with the push of a button. You may want to compare chair upholstery options as well. While every practice will want to look for a material that’s easy to clean and sterilize, some may be equally concerned about the aesthetics of the chair and what type of cushioning each seat offers the patients.

New and Refurbished Dental Chairs

It’s easy to find a great deal on dental chairs when you shop at DuraPro Health. Our new models from top brands like A-dec, Boyd and Belmont are available at competitive prices. In addition, we offer select refurbished models at a 40% to 60% savings compared to new chairs, so there’s a fit for every budget.


Royal Signet Patient Chair
3,148.00 3,148.00 3148.0 USD
Flight A6 Patient Chair
5,598.00 5,598.00 5598.0 USD
Belmont (020) X-Calibur Dental Chair
3,463.00 3,463.00 3463.0 USD
A-dec 1005 Priority Dental Patient Chair
3,568.00 3,568.00 3568.0 USD
A-dec 1020 Decade Dental Patient Chair
3,673.00 3,673.00 3673.0 USD
Boyd Exam/Minor Surgery Chair E3010LC
6,898.00 6,898.00 6898.0 USD
Boyd Oral Surgery Chair
4,828.00 4,828.00 4828.0 USD
Boyd Patient Transfer/Recovery Chair - PTC653
2,098.00 2,098.00 2098.0 USD
Boyd Surgical Chair Model S2615
10,798.00 10,798.00 10798.0 USD
Boyd Surgical Table Model S2601
13,298.00 13,298.00 13298.0 USD
Boyd Surgical Table Model S2614
12,098.00 12,098.00 12098.0 USD
Westar OS VIII Oral Surgery Table
10,498.00 10,498.00 10498.0 USD
Westar Oral Surgery Chair OS-III
9,698.00 9,698.00 9698.0 USD
Boyd Oral Surgery Dental Chair
7,243.00 7,243.00 7243.0 USD
Boyd Exam Chair
4,933.00 4,933.00 4933.0 USD
Boyd Surgical Chair
7,243.00 7,243.00 7243.0 USD
Dexta Fixed Base Orthodontic Chair Model
1,258.00 1,258.00 1258.0 USD
Dome Dental Chair
1,573.00 1,573.00 1573.0 USD
Boyd M2000 Orthodontic Chair
3,883.00 3,883.00 3883.0 USD
Boyd Treatment Chair Model M3000-FB
4,898.00 4,898.00 4898.0 USD

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