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Find comfortable and functional oral surgery chairs for your practice when you shop online at DuraPro Health. If you want to complete detailed procedures effectively while making sure that your patients feel at ease, it’s important to select high-quality chairs that have been designed specifically for oral surgery. Our collection includes a wide variety of well-made surgical dental chairs from some of the top brands in the industry, including Dexta, Belmont and Boyd oral surgery chairs. With advanced features, comfortable cushioning and versatile positioning, these chairs are just what you need to put together an efficient operating room.

Oral Surgery Chair Benefits

When patients come in for oral surgery, it’s a given that they’ll be spending a significant amount of time in a dental chair. In order to make your patients comfortable, it’s essential that the chair provide good support, cozy cushioning and other patient comfort accessories. This will reduce stress and tension during the procedure. From a surgeon’s perspective, quality surgical dental chairs are essential even though they aren’t the ones sitting in them. That’s because a good chair will allow them to position the patient in a way that offers easier access to the area being operated on. When surgical teams don’t have to strain to reach the patient, it allows them to do their job more effectively while avoiding injuries and soreness on the job.

New and Used Oral Surgery Equipment

At DuraPro Health, we want to make sure every single dental operating room is outfitted with the best equipment. No matter what your budget may be, you can find affordable oral surgery chairs when you shop on our website. We offer competitive prices on new chairs from top manufacturers. In addition, you can save 40 to 60% when you purchase quality refurbished dental chairs and operatory equipment. Shop now to get the best dental chairs for your operating needs.

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