Dry Vacuum Systems

Get a reliably efficient and incredibly cost-effective piece of dental equipment when you choose a dry vacuum system from our collection at Dental Planet. Suction is an essential need in any dental operatory, which is why it’s so important to make sure you choose quality dry vac dental equipment that will perform consistently. This helps to ensure that you’re able to provide a range of dental services to your patients in a safe and hygienic environment. Learn more about this type of dental office vacuum system to find out if a new dry vac may be right for you.

Benefits of Dry Dental Vacuum Systems

When it comes to wet vs. dry vacuum systems, many of today’s dental professionals prefer a dry vac. While wet vacuum pumps can still perform as needed for suction purposes, dry vacuum pumps offer a number of unique benefits. Unlike wet vacs, dry vacs do not use a significant amount of water, which results in lower operating costs and a much more efficient and environmentally friendly result. Because the machine is not consistently exposed to the minerals in water, the parts also experience less wear and tear. That results in less frequent maintenance and fewer repairs. Dry vacuum systems for dental practice also typically operate very quietly, which causes fewer disturbances and creates a more peaceful and inviting space for patients.

Choose from Trusted Brands

Choose from trusted brands like Tech West, Sierra and Steri-Vac. You’ll also be able to turn to Dental Planet whenever you’re in need of dental vacuum unit parts and accessories for easy maintenance and fast, affordable repairs. Shop now to find the best fit for your dental procedure and oral surgery needs.

Sierra TV-12 Dry Vacuum System
6,098.00 5,793.10 5793.1 USD
Tech West EcoVac Dry Vacuum Dual (4-6 User System)
17,298.00 16,433.10 16433.1 USD
Tech West EcoVac Dry Vacuum Single (5-7 User System)
10,698.00 10,163.10 10163.1 USD
Tech West EcoVac Dry Vacuum Dual (10-14 User System)
20,298.00 19,283.10 19283.100000000002 USD
Sierra TV-22 Dry Vacuum System
9,198.00 8,738.10 8738.1 USD
Cattani Turbo Smart Dry Vacuum 3-5 User
4,598.00 4,368.10 4368.1 USD
Base Vac M-VAC 1-2.5 users
6,198.00 5,888.10 5888.1 USD
Base Vac 2HD Series Dry Vacuum System 5-8 Users
14,498.00 13,773.10 13773.1 USD
Base Vac 3HD Series Dry Vacuum System 12 Users
25,398.00 24,128.10 24128.100000000002 USD
Sierra 5 User TRU-VAC Dry Vacuum System
5,898.00 5,603.10 5603.1 USD
Sierra 10 User TRU-VAC Dry Vacuum System
9,198.00 8,738.10 8738.1 USD