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DCI Dental / DCI Equipment

Turn to a leader in the dental industry to outfit your practice with essential equipment. DCI Dental has been a trusted manufacturer of dental supplies and parts for decades, which is why we’re proud to offer such a vast collection of their products at DuraPro Health. The finest practices in the country use DCI Dental products, and their innovative solutions help countless oral surgeons, dentists and dental assistants to deliver the best quality of care to their patients.

From DCI dental chairs and dental operatories to innovative imaging equipment, this manufacturer has plenty to offer today’s dental professionals. Learn more about DCI Dental products and how the company’s commitment to quality can make a positive impact on your practice.

About DCI Dental Equipment

Still a family-owned business, DCI Dental has provided an array of high-quality dental tools, operatory equipment and other innovative products for close to 40 years. Based out of Oregon, the company takes a two-fold approach to its business: delivering the parts you need to maintain your office’s dental equipment and looking toward innovation. At the same time, its mission reflects our own at DuraPro Health — to connect dental practitioners with affordable supplies.

Their spectrum of dental equipment includes:

Explore the Full Scope of DCI Equipment at DuraPro Health

DCI offers a comprehensive lineup of essential equipment for dental practices. From the most advanced dental X-ray equipment to DCI dental delivery units, it’s easy to find a great fit for your needs when you browse through this collection. Each piece not only helps you maintain a reliable level of patient care, but also provides long-lasting durability, both through construction and technicians ready to service your equipment. This results in a smarter, more economical investment as you’re growing or maintaining your dental practice.

The competitive price points and long-lasting durability of DCI products place them among some of the most popular options for dental practices. Many dental care providers are also able to upgrade their equipment or offer more innovative services at their practice due to the affordability of DCI dental products. If you want to make the most of your budget when upgrading your practice without sacrificing on product quality, shop for dental equipment from DCI Dental. You’ll be impressed by the low prices on items like DCI Series 5 dental chairs, as well as their automatic delivery systems, dental lights and more.

You can easily browse through DCI’s excellent selection of inexpensive dental parts and accessories to find the parts you need for quick and affordable replacements and repairs. Options include stool cylinders, barb fittings, foot switches and other small parts which often wear out quickly in busy dental practices. It’s common for these parts to need to be replaced over time, and DIY repairs are often sufficient in order to keep things in good working condition.


Instead of trying to track these items down in stores or hire an expensive repair service, many dentists are able to make minor repairs on their own to save both time and money. Check out the full collection of DCI dental parts and equipment to find just what you need to keep your dental practice running smoothly.

Create a well-light workspace for examinations and other procedures with a long-lasting LED light from DuraPro Health. In any practice, having the right dental lights are essential to providing your patients with quality care. And because LED lights offer so many advantages, many of today’s dentists are upgrading from traditional lighting to this new technology. Learn more about why dental LED lights are such a good choice and check out all the options available in our collection.

Benefits of LED Lighting

Adding LED lights to your dental offices can help to improve the quality of care, relieve doctors’ and hygienists’ eyes from strain and create a more comfortable experience for the patient. The excellent illumination that LED lights provide, particularly for directional lighting, is ideal for a health care setting like a dentist’s office. In addition, LEDs are cooler than incandescent lights, so less heat builds up on the patient’s face. LED lights are highly reliable, energy-efficient and long-lasting, so they’re a smart investment when upgrading your practice. They’ll help to lower costs over time by using less energy and require less maintenance since they rarely need to be changed out or fixed. 

LED Operatory Lights and Exam Room Lights

Because LED lights provide such brilliant and clear illumination, they work well for both patient examinations as well as oral operations. Choose from our selection of dental LED lights to find the best fit for each space, whether it’s a post-mount light, a ceiling-mount light or a cabinet-mount light. You’ll find options from trusted manufacturers in the field of dentistry, including Boyd, Engle and DCI lights. While all LED lights help save money through energy efficiency, you can get even more savings when you consider choosing one of our refurbished dental LED lights, which generally cost 40% to 60% less.

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