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Bien-Air Dental is the largest worldwide manufacturer of superlative-quality micromotors, handpieces and laboratory instruments for dental medicine. DuraPro Health sells both new and refurbished Bien-Air equipment.

About Bien-Air Dental

Now one of the leading dental handpiece brands, Bien-Air started out of a conversation precision mechanic David Mosimann had with a dentist about rotary instruments. Mosimann looked for ways to improve their operation. By 1959, he launched Bien-Air with a line of handpieces rooted in micromechanics. This foundation led Bien-Air to introduce its first electric motor and eventually expand beyond dentistry to plastic surgery and neurosurgery.

Bien-Air Handpieces & Motors

Today, Bien-Air Dental continues to operate and manufacture its precision tools in Switzerland. Its lineup includes:

  • Air Driven Handpieces: A technologically advanced, ergonomic solution stands upon Bien-Air’s superior turbines. Features like push-button functionality, quick-connect coupling and air-bearing technology have been added over the years.
  • Contra-Angles and Straight Handpieces: Classic Swiss watchmaking precision is reflected in this range of dental instruments spanning from endodontics to restorative procedures to surgery.
  • Micromotors: These award-winning motors remain highly sought after in the dental industry for their reliability and performance for both low- and high-speed applications.
  • Dental instruments: For implants and adjusting restorative work, Bien-Air’s instruments make use of their innovative micromotors while covering a range of functions and procedures.
  • Maintenance: Ensure your dental tools and equipment remain clean, lubricated and ready for use.

Explore both new and refurbished Bien-Air handpieces, motors and tools at DuraPro Health. For over 25 years, we’ve delivered affordable dental supplies to professionals like you. Today, we continue to fulfil this mission, offering leading brands and supporting products with warranties and a network of expert service technicians. Browse today to replace or upgrade your handpieces and other dental tools.