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Bien-Air Dental is the largest worldwide manufacturer of superlative-quality micromotors, handpieces and laboratory instruments for dental medicine. DuraPro Health sells both new and refurbished Bien-Air equipment.

About Bien-Air Dental

Now one of the leading dental handpiece brands, Bien-Air started out of a conversation precision mechanic David Mosimann had with a dentist about rotary instruments. Mosimann looked for ways to improve their operation. By 1959, he launched Bien-Air with a line of handpieces rooted in micromechanics. This foundation led Bien-Air to introduce its first electric motor and eventually expand beyond dentistry to plastic surgery and neurosurgery.

Bien-Air Handpieces & Motors

Today, Bien-Air Dental continues to operate and manufacture its precision tools in Switzerland. Its lineup includes:

  • Air Driven Handpieces: A technologically advanced, ergonomic solution stands upon Bien-Air’s superior turbines. Features like push-button functionality, quick-connect coupling and air-bearing technology have been added over the years.
  • Contra-Angles and Straight Handpieces: Classic Swiss watchmaking precision is reflected in this range of dental instruments spanning from endodontics to restorative procedures to surgery.
  • Micromotors: These award-winning motors remain highly sought after in the dental industry for their reliability and performance for both low- and high-speed applications.
  • Dental instruments: For implants and adjusting restorative work, Bien-Air’s instruments make use of their innovative micromotors while covering a range of functions and procedures.
  • Maintenance: Ensure your dental tools and equipment remain clean, lubricated and ready for use.

Explore both new and refurbished Bien-Air handpieces, motors and tools at DuraPro Health. For over 25 years, we’ve delivered affordable dental supplies to professionals like you. Today, we continue to fulfil this mission, offering leading brands and supporting products with warranties and a network of expert service technicians. Browse today to replace or upgrade your handpieces and other dental tools.

Find a great selection of high-quality dentist handpieces when you shop at DuraPro Health. As one of the most essential tools in dentistry, handpieces should be carefully selected in order to ensure accuracy and efficiency in treating patients. Fortunately, this selection includes a wide variety of dentistry handpieces from some of the top brands in the industry. With so many options to choose from, you’re sure to discover the right fit for the needs of your practice. Learn more about our selection of handpieces, dental handpiece accessories and more.

Types of Dental Handpieces

Low-speed handpieces are some of the most widely used in dental practices. These tools are extremely versatile for dental applications, including working on cavity preparations or root canal treatments, which means they’re often used by hygienists and lab technicians in addition to dentists. Beyond this must-have tool, most dentists also need high-speed handpieces at their disposal. These handpieces spin at a faster rate, which helps with the removal of tooth tissue without as much heat, pressure or vibration. At DuraPro Health, it’s easy to purchase both types of handpieces along with associated accessories, connectors and attachments. You’ll also find comprehensive handpiece packages along with handpiece maintenance systems to keep tools in top condition.

Simple Solutions for Dental Equipment Repair

Are your handpieces in need of repair? If so, turn to DuraPro Health to find a great selection of handpiece parts for sale. From simply O-rings and washers to replacement gaskets and turbines, you’ll find several options for keeping your handpieces working efficiently and effectively. This saves you the cost of investing in a brand-new handpiece, particularly when you only need a simple fix to get yours back up and running. Shop at DuraPro Health to find low prices on essential dental equipment, supplies, parts and accessories.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What Are the 3 Types of Dental Handpieces?

The term dental handpiece describes the instruments dentists and assisting professionals use to perform procedures ranging from teeth cleaning and cavity filling to preparation and more invasive treatments. They fall into three basic groups:

  • Low-speed handpieces: Low-speed dental handpieces are common for routine procedures. These tools rotate at speeds ranging from 600 to 25,000 RPM and perform fine tasks without causing damage to the tooth.
  • High-speed handpieces: These dental handpieces rotate up to 200,000 RPM. Dentists reach for these tools to remove tissue and perform restorative procedures without generating vibrations, heat or pressure. High-speed handpieces offer more efficiency and more precise results for crown preparation and finishing restorations.
  • Straight handpieces: These handpieces offer many of the same features and capabilities as low-speed tools but have a straight rather than contra-angled design.

What Is a High-Speed Handpiece?

High-speed dental handpieces rotate up to 200,000 RPM. This greatly reduces the amount of heat, pressure and vibrations generated — all factors that can potentially damage a tooth during a more invasive procedure — and helps improve patient outcomes. While dentists can perform procedures more efficiently, they’re advised to use these tools selectively and carefully. High-speed handpieces are ideal for the following types of procedures:

  • Removing dental tissue, including for cavity preparation and root canal treatments
  • Removing decay
  • Preparing crowns for insertion
  • Finishing and polishing other dental restorations once in the patient’s mouth

What Type of Handpiece Is Used for Prophy?

For prophy, both low- and high-speed dental handpieces may be used depending upon their function and action performed.

Dentists attach a prophy brush or cup to a low-speed handpiece to assist with polishing teeth and restorations. Together, these tools will be joined by prophy paste to even out surface irregularities and lessen the appearance of stains.

A high-speed handpiece may be used in conjunction with a prophy jet. A type of air abrasion polishing system, a prophy jet delivers water, air and bicarbonate or another substance toward the teeth to get rid of plaque and staining. In the process, this procedure creates a smoother surface in less time and with less abrasion compared to prophy cups and brushes.

What Is a Straight Handpiece Used For?

Low-speed handpieces (600 to 25,000 RPM) tend to have a contra-angled design. Straight dental handpieces have no curves or angles but rotate at similar rates and use air or electric power. Both provide a gentle experience for a variety of routine dental procedures. A dentist might reach for a straight handpiece to clean teeth, prepare a tooth to remove a cavity or trim or refine dentures, among other tasks.