Vatech America

Vatech’s award winning family of products provides clients with an array of different options for their practices. All modalities and any configuration of a digital dental radiography system is available including Cone Beam CT, panoramic, cephalometric, and intraoral sensors. Their goal is to deliver superior diagnostics to improve the lives of patients. DuraPro Health sells both new and refurbished Vatech equipment.

Portable Lights

Keep your operatory perfectly illuminated with portable lights from DuraPro Health. These dental lamps provide the light you need to conduct exams, treatments and procedures to the best of your ability. From halogen diagnostic lights to portable LED work lights, we have a wide selection to suit your professional needs. With a range of available designs and sizes, it’s easy to find something that suits your space in our collection of portable lights.

Set Up Anywhere, Anytime

There are a number of benefits that can come with using portable lights in your practice. The flexibility these lights afford opens up new possibilities for procedures and treatments. These lights can aid in diagnosing certain dental conditions because they provide a better view of problem areas. A single light setup isn’t always sufficient, so bringing in supplemental lights that can be positioned and angled for greater illumination is incredibly advantageous. The portable lights in our collection are popular for setting up dental operatories, and many come on a wheeled base that can be positioned close to the patient and transferred between operatories.

Respected Brands

Quality equipment is a must-have in any dental practice, which is why it’s important to note that our selection of portable lights includes some of the industry’s top brands. You’ll find lights from names like Safari, Aseptico and TPC, highly respected companies in the dental industry. You’ll find durable designs and reliable performance with each product, ensuring better outcomes for patients and more efficient work for dentists and hygienists. Shop at DuraPro Health for all your dental lighting needs.

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