In terms of function and performance, Aseptico has long established the standard for dental equipment brands. Aseptico’s dental chairs and portable units reflect the company’s commitment to innovation, and Aseptico manufactures all its products in the United States. Learn more about Aseptico and its products.

About Aseptico Dental Equipment

Aseptico has become a paradigm within the dental equipment field, having earned a reputation for innovation. Doug and Edyie Kazen launched the company as North Pacific Dental in 1975, and by 1981, it had become known as Aseptico, with a specialization in aseptic dental supplies.

Aseptico helmed the development of portable dental units and other mobile equipment in the 1980s, and it remains the only U.S.-based implants manufacturer. Advancements developed by the company over the years have included:

  • The first sterile water delivery system.
  • The first mobile dental delivery unit.
  • The first dental electric motor — introduced in 1989 and followed by the first rotary endodontic motor in 1995.
  • Intelligent Torque Reduction and Auto-Stop-Reverse functionality for rotary endo dental equipment.
  • An all-in-one electric motor for multiple procedures, including restorative treatments, implants, surgery and endodontic use.
  • The AMC series of mobile dental carts.
  • Portable hydraulic patient chairs, as well as portable seating able to accommodate patients up to 300 pounds.

Through these developments, Aseptico has streamlined dental treatments, proven that oral care can be delivered in multiple locations and partnered with the U.S. military to continue advancing its technologies.

Browse Aseptico Portable Dental Equipment at DuraPro Health

At DuraPro Health, we’re proud to offer a wide range of products from Aseptico at affordable prices. Some of the large, heavy equipment in dental practices is well past its time for an upgrade; cumbersome products that aren’t designed for today’s modern practices can slow down your services and result in inferior care for your patients. Flexibility is key for a fast-paced setting, which is why Aseptico offers a number of portable dental equipment options.

Aseptico portable dental units are just the beginning, making it easier to get power exactly where you need it for a variety of treatments and procedures. Our selection also includes a variety of primary equipment needed in most practices, including dental patient chairs, lights, handpieces and more. If you’ve been searching for budget-friendly ways to update your offices with modern, high-performance products, explore new and refurbished solutions restored to like-new appearance and functionality.

When it comes to American-made Aseptico portable dental units and chairs, each piece is held to the highest standards in terms of construction and performance. When you purchase Aseptico equipment and supplies, you can rely on long-lasting durability, as well as reliable, standard-establishing performance. Shop at DuraPro Health today to find affordable Aseptico equipment and supplies for your dental practice.

Aseptico Preferred Dental Implant & Surgical Motor
3,950.00 3,950.00 3950.0 USD
Aseptico 7000 Series Implant Motor (Max 80 Ncm)
5,450.00 5,450.00 5450.0 USD
Aseptico Penguin RFA
2,290.00 2,290.00 2290.0 USD
Aseptico AseptiChair Portable Dental Patient Chair
2,150.00 2,150.00 2150.0 USD
Aseptico Portable Led Dental Light
1,510.00 1,510.00 1510.0 USD
Aseptico Preferred Portable Dental Unit (1 HP)
5,450.00 5,450.00 5450.0 USD
Aseptico Economical Portable Delivery Unit
3,950.00 3,950.00 3950.0 USD
Aseptico Electric Operative Motor
1,850.00 1,850.00 1850.0 USD
Aseptico Torque Plus Lab Motor AEU-16C
1,100.00 1,100.00 1100.0 USD
Aseptico Power Tip Laboratory Moto
970.00 873.00 873.0 USD
Aseptico Irrigation Tubing Set
80.00 72.00 72.0 USD
Aseptico HPCE 20:1 Push Button
1,200.00 1,200.00 1200.0 USD
Aseptico Hydraulic AseptiStool
1,300.00 1,300.00 1300.0 USD
Aseptico Preferred Portable Dental Unit (2 HP)
5,550.00 5,550.00 5550.0 USD

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