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RAM PRODUCTS INC has provided a wide variety of micromotors offering superior service and excellence for over 30 years. RAM PRODUCTS INC has been the leader for electric laboratory handpieces servicing dental laboratories, dentists, hobbyists, jewelers, craftsman, industrial work, podiatrists, and many more. Their partnership with Saeshin Precision in Korea has given new direction with X-Cube and Traus Implant motor systems and angles, E-cube for endodontics and a range of slow speed and surgical angles. Saeshin is focused to bring the best quality operatory handpieces to the market.

Lab Equipment

Your lab is essential to the success of your practice, which is why it’s so important to make sure you have quality equipment on hand to accomplish every task efficiently. Stock up on affordable dental lab equipment when you shop online at DuraPro Health. 

With a vast selection of new and used dental laboratory supplies for sale, we offer everything you need to set up a brand-new practice or laboratory or upgrade the current equipment at your existing one when it becomes obsolete or run down. Start shopping now to find everything from the basics for a small dental office to highly specialized equipment for a full-service dental lab, all available at our affordable prices. Plus, you can save even more by shopping for refurbished dental lab equipment online.

Types of Dental Lab Equipment

The types of dental laboratory materials and equipment you need will depend on the kinds of services you offer at your dental practice. Some of the basic equipment needed in every lab include work benches, lighting and dust collectors. We offer various sizes for these essential products to suit any practice or dental specialty. You can even find compact options for dental labs with limited square footage. 

While dental laboratory machines are important, there are also a number of smaller items you’ll need in order to complete your work effectively and efficiently. When you’re working on restorations or fine-tuning other dental lab materials, you’ll need an articulator, an electric laboratory handpiece and polishing equipment and supplies. There are plenty of specialized tools in our collection as well, including casting machines, abrasive blasters, vacuum form machines and wax heaters. Browse through all of our product categories to find the right dental lab supplies and equipment for your needs and get your lab all set up in no time.

Save on Used Lab Equipment

The cost of upgrading or expanding your lab can be overwhelming. Whether you are setting up a new lab or bringing in new machinery in order to offer additional services, keep in mind that not all of your lab support equipment needs to be new. At DuraPro Health, we also offer used second hand dental laboratory equipment for sale to help practices and labs save on their costs for setup. This includes a wide variety of items that been carefully refurbished to look and perform like new. 

Our amazing deals on refurbished dental lab equipment includes prices that are 40% to 60% lower than that of comparable new equipment. These products come from trusted brands like Handler, Buffalo and ProCure, so you know you can count on long-lasting durability and exceptional quality even with certified pre-owned equipment.


Wax Heater
50.00 45.00 45.0 USD
Ram Products 4" Lab Vibrator
65.00 58.50 58.5 USD
Ram Products Large Lab Vibrator
119.00 107.10 107.10000000000001 USD
MicroLab 350 Hand Engine
295.00 265.50 265.5 USD
Rampower 35 Electric Laboratory Handpiece
320.00 288.00 288.0 USD
Ram "E" Type Motor Only with No Ventilation
145.00 130.50 130.5 USD
Ram "E" Type Motor Only with Ventilation
135.00 121.50 121.5 USD
Ram Deluxe Lab Handpiece (U-Power UG33)
540.00 486.00 486.0 USD
Ram Economy 45,000 RPM Handpiece Only
155.00 139.50 139.5 USD
Ram Optimus 35 Handpiece
179.00 161.10 161.1 USD
Ram Optimus 45 Handpiece
179.00 161.10 161.1 USD
Ram Slim Nose Handpiece
155.00 139.50 139.5 USD
Ram 1/8" Chuck For HP
22.00 19.80 19.8 USD
Ram 1260 ZZ Ball Bearing Model 8534
13.50 12.15 12.15 USD
Ram 1480 ZZ Ball Bearing Model 8537
13.50 12.15 12.15 USD
Ram 3/32" Chuck For HP
22.00 19.80 19.8 USD
Ram 3mm Chuck For HP
22.00 19.80 19.8 USD
Ram 830ZZ Ball Bearing
13.50 12.15 12.15 USD
Ram 940ZZ Motor Bearing
13.50 12.15 12.15 USD

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