DuraPro Health is your source to find isolation gowns, medical gowns, dental gowns and other disposable gowns in bulk at great low prices for any of your dental or medical needs. These gowns provide protection against the transfer of microorganisms and body fluids, making them perfect for use during surgical procedures or any other procedures where sanitation is of the utmost importance. Shop now for an assortment of gowns that fit your needs, all at great prices.

Well Designed for Your Needs

These disposable dental, medical and isolation gowns are designed to suit your needs for any procedure. You can select gowns with long sleeves for extra protection, gowns that are latex-free but lightweight and breathable, gowns with waist ties to ensure a secure fit and level 2 gowns ideal to protect healthcare workers and patients against the transmission of microorganisms and other potentially hazardous body fluids.

Some of the disposable isolation gowns in our selection come in a variety of colors so you can choose the gown best suited for your purposes. These gowns come in blue, pink, green, yellow and white. We also provide gowns with elastic cuffs that allow for a closer seal between your arms and your gloves. These gowns offer superior strength to avoid any contamination and are fluid resistant so that harmful contaminants will not remain after the gowns been used. Finally, when you’re finished with their usage, they can be simply removed and disposed of, making for easy cleanup. Make sure to check out the rest of our protective gear as well.

Affordable and Sold in bulk

At DuraPro Health, we aim to provide products at affordable prices. As such, we sell our products in bulk or in large orders to maximize savings. We keep our prices low on new equipment and products through direct marketing and bring the discounts to you. If you have any questions about any of our products, or if you need help making a selection that is ideal for your purposes, you can contact us via phone or support form.

Latex-Free Isolation Gown - Elastic Cuff
$ 44.00 $ 39.60 39.6 USD
Barrier Gown (SMS Material)
$ 92.00 $ 82.80 82.8 USD
Latex-Free Isolation Gown - Knit Cuff
$ 46.00 $ 41.40 41.4 USD
Mydent Disposable Gown, Tie-Back, Blue, Large. 10/bag (10/cs, 18 cs/plt)
Call for Availability $ 17.80 $ 16.02 16.02 USD
Mydent Disposable Tie-Back Gown, Blue, Medium
Call for Availability $ 19.40 $ 17.46 17.46 USD
Busse Staff Protection Kit, Full Back Gown
$ 138.00 $ 124.20 124.2 USD
Busse Staff Protection Open Back Gown, White
$ 77.00 $ 69.30 69.3 USD
Busse Staff Protection Full Back Gown, White
$ 98.00 $ 88.20 88.2 USD
Busse Isolation Gown, Non-Sterile
$ 68.00 $ 61.20 61.2 USD
Dukal Isolation Gown, Yellow
$ 59.00 $ 53.10 53.1 USD
AMD Medicom Impervious Gown, Regular, White
$ 65.00 $ 58.50 58.5 USD
AMD Medicom Impervious Gown, X-Large, White
$ 65.00 $ 58.50 58.5 USD
Halyard Control™ Cover Gown, Yellow, Universal
$ 168.00 $ 151.20 151.20000000000002 USD
Halyard Control™ Cover Gown, Yellow, X-Large
$ 228.00 $ 205.20 205.20000000000002 USD
Halyard Control™ Cover Gown, Blue, X-Large
$ 228.00 $ 205.20 205.20000000000002 USD

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