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When your Midmark or Apollo dental vacuum unit needs to be repaired, DuraPro Health has you covered. Rather than despairing over the possible cost of replacing the unit, choose from these parts to make quick and easy fixes. Our selection includes a wide variety of parts that are designed to fit many Midmark and Apollo vacuum pumps, giving you an easy way to find corresponding products that are suitable for the model used in your dental practice. Learn more about these parts and why you may even want to stock up before a repair is needed.

Dental Vacuum Pump Troubleshooting

When a vacuum pump starts to experience issues, it can often lead to a moment of panic for a dental professional. This piece of equipment is essential for so many different dental procedures, so it’s easy to understand why a malfunctioning unit is cause for concern. However, in many cases, a vacuum unit part simply needs to be replaced because it has worn out over time. Simple fixes are often available, but in order to make those repairs, you need the right parts. That’s where DuraPro Health comes in.

You can search through this selection of quality parts designed specifically for Apollo and Midmark vacuum pump models. From simple gaskets and solids collectors to flow regulators and complete solenoid valve assemblies, you can find just what you need for fast, easy repairs.

Stock Up on Apollo and Midmark Parts for Sale

Don’t wait until a repair is necessary to get the parts you need. At DuraPro Health, we recommend buying a few key parts to have on hand in case your vacuum pump needs attention quickly. Stock up on items like check valve repair kits, manifold gaskets and mesh screens to make sure your vacuum unit isn’t down for long. And if you need something fast, you can always get speedy shipping options when you order from us.

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57.00 51.30 51.300000000000004 USD
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