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Make sure you have the ideal illumination for any task with these ceiling-mount dental lights from DuraPro Health. This type of overhead dental light is extremely versatile and useful in a clinical setting. Whether you are performing routine examinations or working on extremely complicated procedures in an operatory, ceiling-mount dental lights can help you to provide the best care for each patient. Learn more about our options for these dental lights and how they can improve day-to-day operations in your dental practice.

Benefits of Ceiling-Mount Lights

Using overhead dental lights is essential for most types of examinations and procedures. However, lights can be set up in a number of different ways, including cabinet-mount lights, post-mount lights and track-mount lights. Each of these lights has its own benefits to consider, and it’s important to consider the configuration and available space in each room before choosing the right ones for your practice. 

Many dentists find that ceiling-mount lights are uniquely versatile and convenient since they require less mounting space on the ceiling than track lights. In addition, the movable arms allow for a wide range of positioning options when working on a patient. They are especially useful as oral surgery lights since they can be easily angled for directional lighting. For multi-directional lighting, consider choosing one of our dual ceiling-mounted lights with two separate arms to position each light individually.

Dental Lights that Are Built to Last

Make sure you get high-quality dental lights for your practice by shopping at DuraPro Health. Our collection of ceiling-mount lights includes options from some of the top manufacturers trusted by today’s dentists. You can find overhead dental lights from brands like Summit Dental, Engle, Boyd and StarTrol on our website. Shop all dental equipment on our website to discover great deals like these from companies that are known for their expertly crafted and long-lasting products.