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ADS Dental System

ADS is a company providing dental equipment and is committed to offering affordable, high-quality dental chairs and equipment that meet American standards. ADS has been dedicated to manufacturing dental capital equipment for more than 12 years. The ADS quality control system's most crucial component is always attention to detail.

With so many different operatory configurations ADS Dental has the broad assortment you're looking for at costs to meet your budget, from a range of operatory setups.

Additionally, ADS Dental provides a variety of unique multipurpose configurations, such as orthodontic dental equipment, pediatric dental chairs, and operatory dental equipment.

ADS gives you a wide range of options today and offers flexibility for the future, keeping up with the rapidly advancing state of dental technology.

Maintain easy access to important tools and equipment during cleanings and other procedures with high-quality delivery systems from DuraPro Health. A dental delivery system is like the hub of most exam and treatment rooms in any dental practice. It provides a convenient storage space for frequently used equipment and supplies, which makes procedures more efficient. Being able to complete exams and treatments more quickly also helps to keep patients happy and allow your business to thrive. Check out the full selection of dental delivery systems from trusted manufacturers like A-dec, DCI and Beaverstate to find the best fit for your needs.

Types of Dental Delivery Systems

There are a number of different styles of delivery systems from which to choose, and it’s important to select the one that will function best with your room setup. Some dentists prefer chair or base-mounted systems. These devices are stationary and keep instruments close by during exams and treatments. Within this category, you can choose from rear, side and over-the-patient setups depending on which works best for you. You can also find portable dental delivery systems which can be moved more freely within the space or even from room to room. Make sure the type of delivery system you choose has the best mounting style or portability along with the features you need, such as self-contained waterlines, foot controls and automatic handpiece activation.

New and Used Dental Equipment

Shopping online at DuraPro Health allows you to get the best deals on quality equipment. We offer low prices on new dental delivery systems, or you can save 40% to 60% by choosing refurbished equipment. In addition, it’s easy to maintain and repair any existing system you have with our selection of delivery system parts and accessories. Start shopping now to get a great deal on a quality delivery system for your dental practice.

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