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Vatech America

Quality X-ray images are essential when it comes to providing good dental care. To make sure your practice has excellent on-site imaging solutions, shop DuraPro Health’s selection of Vatech America equipment. This brand has long been an innovator when it comes to dental X-ray imaging. And with a sharp focus on enhancing the quality of patient care, Vatech America is the perfect choice for any practice looking to upgrade to something modern and effective.

About Vatech America

Vatech routinely pushes boundaries when it comes to imaging, developing radiographic solutions that improve medical, dental and veterinary care. As an industry leader, Vatech has pioneered such advancements over the decades as 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 high-resolution digital X-ray systems, low-radiation CBCT devices, auto-switching systems, the first one-shot cephalometric, the first free FOV system, a 41-layer digital panoramic radiograph and dental applications of carbon nano technology.

Currently, the company’s product line includes:

  • 3D imaging solutions that provide a high degree of resolution through compressed sensing technology and utilizing PANO, CEPH, CBCT and MODEL Scan technologies. Digital panoramic solutions are available.
  • 2D imaging solutions that build off Vatech’s history of innovation to deliver advanced processing and high-resolution panoramic images for diagnostic purposes.
  • Intraoral imaging, a line of advanced solutions designed to streamline the imaging process. Systems use Carbon Nanotube Technology and feature ergonomic construction to improve patient comfort.

Explore Vatech Dental Imaging Equipment

Because Vatech America specializes in imaging technology, this brand has one of the most impressive equipment lineups. You’ll find Vatech CBCT X-ray equipment at DuraPro Health, as well as machines for panoramic X-rays. Portable options and handheld X-ray machines are available to make imaging more flexible and accessible, and a variety of sensor sizes allows for crisp, clear imaging for all types of patients. With such an extensive selection of high-performance digital dental radiography systems, you’re sure to find a great fit for your needs.

At DuraPro Health, we offer affordable prices on all our dental equipment and supplies. That includes products from highly regarded brands like Vatech America. In addition, we offer refurbished dental equipment that is especially budget friendly. In fact, all our carefully restored refurbished items are available at just 40% to 60% off the price of new models, allowing you to save even more when upgrading to new imaging solutions and other dental equipment.

Provide the best possible care for each and every patient with veterinary X-ray systems from DuraPro Health. With the proper X-ray equipment, you can better assess the health of animals that are brought in to your practice or clinic. X-rays can be used for a variety of ailments and issues, and they provide an incredibly accurate and detailed image for diagnostic purposes. If you’re ready to upgrade the veterinary equipment you use for these purposes or you’re looking to equip a new office, check out these X-ray systems for veterinary medicine available at DuraPro Health.

Veterinary X-Ray Applications

In any typical veterinary clinic, X-rays are among the most common forms of diagnostic imaging. Along with veterinary ultrasounds, CT scans and MRIs, X-rays can help get a closer look at what’s going on inside the animal’s body. That’s why it’s so important to choose high-quality equipment that provides accurate and clear results each and every time. The resulting images can be used to diagnose a condition, such as a fractured bones, arthritis or pneumonia. It can also help with planning treatments for heart problems, cancer and other diseases and conditions. X-rays may need to be taken before and after surgery or throughout the progression of disease to monitor an animal’s health status.

Benefits of X-Rays in Veterinary Medicine

Because X-rays are so versatile, they can be instrumental in making sure each animal receives the proper treatment and care. Many animals are actually able to undergo an X-ray without anesthesia, which helps to keep costs down and minimize risks associated with medicating senior animals or those with chronic health conditions. X-rays expose animals to minimal radiation and are harmless overall. Although newer technologies have emerged, none have been able to replace the X-ray as one of the most commonly used types of veterinary medical imaging. Get your veterinary X-ray system from DuraPro Health to get quality equipment at the best price guaranteed.

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