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Provide effective, safe anesthesia for your patients during procedures with the help of a dental nitrous oxide regulator from DuraPro Health. As a critical component of a nitrous oxide system, the regulator is one part that you never want to break or wear out. If you need a replacement, we have you covered with this selection of nitrous oxide regulators at affordable prices. It’s easy to quickly get the part you need for a fast repair. Check out our full selection of regulators and related accessories to find what you need.

Types of N2O Regulators and Accessories

When it comes to maintaining your nitrous oxide system, it’s critical to regularly check the accuracy of your regulator. This one component is one of the most important parts of any N2O system since it controls the flow rate of the anesthetics to the patient. In addition, a ratio regulator allows for the amounts of nitrous oxide and oxygen to be maintained at specific percentages. There are a number of different options from which to choose when selecting a replacement nitrous oxide regulator on our website. In addition to classic regulators, you’ll also find gauges, check valves and other important accessories. 

Top-Quality Dental Parts

Our selection of nitrous oxide system parts includes products from trusted manufacturers. For example, you can find Belmed nitrous regulators, Beaverstate gauges and more when you shop on our website. It’s easy to view the manufacturer, model number and other important specifications by clicking on any product. When you need a fast and effective fix for your nitrous oxide system, be sure to turn to DuraPro Health for the best selection and the best prices. For other products besides regulators, check out our full collection of nitrous oxide system parts and accessories for sale online.

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