A-dec (Quality Refurbished)

A-dec* (Austin Dental Equipment Company) has been a leader in dental innovation since 1964. DuraPro Health acquires previously-owned A-dec equipment, independent of A-dec, including integrated dental patient chairs and delivery systems, dental lights, stools and accessories. Every piece of previously-owned equipment then undergoes the quality refurbishment process, developed and executed exclusively by DuraPro Health.

Explore quality refurbished products by A-dec / adec dental equipment, including the Cascade, Radius, A-dec 500, A-dec 400, A-dec 300, Decade, Priority and much more.

*DuraPro Health is not an authorized reseller of A-dec parts, equipment or tools - new or used.


Light up your workspace with portable medical lights from DuraPro Health. Our selection of lights for healthcare settings includes a number of different designs, sizes and lamp styles to accommodate any medical environment. From exam and treatment rooms to operatories, there are plenty of places where extra lighting allows for the best possible care for your patients. Learn more about our selection of lights to find a style that will work well in your practice, clinic or healthcare facility.

Convenient Lighting for Medical Applications

The right medical equipment can make a major impact on the quality of care that you provide for your patients. Lighting may seem like a minor thing, but in a healthcare setting, it’s absolutely critical. You must be able to see everything clearly in order to make a correct diagnosis, deliver treatments effectively and perform highly detailed procedures. In an operating room, it’s even more crucial because the lights must be able to illuminate the smallest details to prevent straining the medical team’s eyes. All of these considerations have been accounted for in our collection of medical lights. You’ll find that these lights offer the ideal combination of convenience, reliable performance and usefulness for your medical or dental practice.

Trusted Medical Brands

When selecting new equipment for your space, it’s important to think about which brands you know and trust. This collection of portable lights includes options from highly respected brands within the medical industry. Whether it’s a pedestal light from Intensa, an examination lamp from Galaxy or a headlamp from Avante Health Solutions, you’ll be pleased to find competitive prices on devices from some of the top names in medical equipment when you shop on our site. Browse the selection at DuraPro Health today to find a great fit for your space and your budget.

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