Evacuation Saliva Ejectors/Screens

DuraPro Health carries many different Saliva Ejectors by MDC, TID, Crosstex, Microbrush, and 3D. MSI's Disinfectant micro-cide by the gallon.  Mydent's Cuspidor traps and evacuation tips and trays. Crosstex's Advantage evacuator tips that are vented, non-vented, slotted and safe flow adapters.  Lumed Science LEAP 2100 Illuminated mount props. Mars Liberty Boss Amalgam Separator upgrade kit- dry vacuum.


3D Dental Disposable Traps, 144ct
22.00 22.00 22.0 USD
3D Dental Essentials Saliva Ejector Screens, 72 Ct
11.20 11.20 11.200000000000001 USD
TPC Disposable High Volume Combo Evacuator Tips
29.40 29.40 29.400000000000002 USD
Keystone Saliva Ejectors
4.29 4.29 4.29 USD
D-2 High Volume Evacuator Tips/White-KI
104.00 104.00 104.0 USD