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Bunzl Distribution USA, Inc. supplies a range of products including outsourced food packaging, disposable supplies, and cleaning and safety products to food processors, supermarkets, non-food retailers, convenience stores and other users. Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Bunzl Distribution is the largest division of Bunzl plc, an international distribution and outsourcing group headquartered in London.

DuraPro Health carries a wide selection of products for your Cement, Liners and Bases need at great low prices. 

For Permanent Cement restorative and Prosthodontic care choose from  J. Morita's Collagen Based Bone Filling Foundation Material.

Or SDI's SET capsules, SET PP Auto-mix Paste syringes and Assorted syringe kits.


For Temporary Cement needs choose from:  J. Moritas Power Temp Auto-Mix Syringe Kits that are user-friendly and auto-mix cement.

Septodont's Adherence Dual Curing Resin Cement is indicated for the final cementation of implant prostheses, crowns, and bridges, inlays, and onlays, Maryland bridges and veneers. Radiopaque with high compressive and flexural strength.

Septodont's Chemical Cure Resin Cement with Fluoride Kits-  A Permanent BIS-GMA self-curing resin cement, can be used for final cementation of crowns, including short or difficult crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays, Maryland Bridges, pins and posts and results in a strong bond to metal, composite resin, enamel or dentin.

Septodont's Cimpat  A premixed material that hardens under the influence of mouth temperature and moisture. 

Septodont's N' Durance Composite Resin  Utilizes two distinct new technologies- unique nanotechnology and proprietary dimer acid chemistry that result in an unprecedented intraoral monomer conversion.

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