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Give your patients a more comfortable experience when undergoing potentially painful procedures with dental anesthetics from DuraPro Health. Our selection of numbing sprays and other types of oral pain relief products make it easy to put your patients at ease and get dental work done quickly and accurately. These dental anesthetics come from highly respected brands in the field of dentistry, so you’ll enjoy consistent, reliable results each time you use them during dental procedures on your patients. Learn more about the affordable dental supplies available at DuraPro Health.

Types of Dental Anesthetics

There are a number of different procedures during which dental topical anesthetic gels or liquids are recommended. For example, injections, periodontal curettage, scaling and intra-oral radiography can all cause discomfort for the patient, so applying an effective anesthetic puts them at ease and allows them to remain still until the procedure is complete. Within this collection, you’ll find a number of different dental anesthetic options to achieve this effect, from aerosol topical anesthesia products like lidocaine sprays and benzocaine sprays to dental topical anesthetic gels, such as tooth numbing gel. 

How to Choose Dental Anesthetics

It’s recommended that dental practices stock up on several types of dental anesthetics, from spray lidocaine to numbing gels. Keeping a varied supply of anesthetics on hand allows dentists and dental assistants to apply the best option for each individual based on their unique needs and dental care plan. Don’t forget to purchase any necessary accessories as well, such as anesthetic syringes, needles and more. Shop now to choose from affordable options from your favorite dental brands, including Septodont, Beutlich and Pac-Dent.

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