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Get into the best position to care for your patients with a dental doctor stools from DuraPro Health. Our selection includes a wide variety of models, allowing you to choose the style, size and features that work best for you. Each of these dental doctor chairs is designed to put you in a comfortable position as you work, which helps you give the best possible care to your patients. Browse through the full collection to find the type of dental stools which will work best for your dental practice.

Doctor Dental Stool Features

There are two main types of stools used in dental practices: dental assistant stools and doctor stools. In this collection, we’ve made sure to only include stools made specifically with doctors in mind. One of the key features commonly associated with doctor stools for dentists is a slightly lower sitting position. Most stools in this category can be adjusted from around 19 to 24 inches high, which places the dentist closer to the patient to complete detailed work. Assistant chairs, on the other hand, typically have a seat that sits higher. We also offer a number of different seating styles, such as classic round stools, backless stools, saddle stools and lumbar support stools, to ensure that dentists can sit in an ergonomic position that doesn’t cause discomfort.

New and Refurbished Dental Stools

DuraPro Health offers a wide variety of dental doctor stools for outfitting your practice. You’ll find options from trusted brands like Galaxy, Keystone, A-dec, Aspen, Engle and more, all at affordable prices. In addition, you can save even more by opting for one of our refurbished models, which are available at a savings of 40 to 60%. Shop now to find stylish, comfortable and practical doctor stools for your dental offices.

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1,298.00 1,168.20 1168.2 USD
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828.00 745.20 745.2 USD
828.00 745.20 745.2 USD
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