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A solid dental practice starts with the basics, and that certainly includes dental assistant stools. These primary pieces of equipment are important for making sure that dental hygienists and other staff can do their work to the best of their ability — rather than reaching and stooping over patients, which can contribute to developing chronic pain with time.

At DuraPro Health, we know that even simple items like dental stools need to be carefully chosen to meet your unique needs. That’s why we off

How to Select the Right Dental Assistant Stool

You and your assistant, as well as your hygienist, spend a significant amount of time on a dental stool, be it performing procedures, reviewing imaging results or entering information into a computer system.

Considering this, adjustability is paramount. It needs to be easy for dental professionals to change their position as needed to access teeth across the mouth and work on different patients. As a baseline, your assistant should be able to fine tune seat height and tilt — preferably between 60 and 90 degrees. Knobs and levers allow for this functionality.

Secondly, support is equally critical. Hygienists and dentists may spend hours per day on these stools, so ergonomic features are essential. Be sure to carefully consider which dental stool designs are best suited to various types of exams, treatments and procedures. Look for how the back curves, and look for arm and footrests and foam or gel cushioning. A lack of support places greater strain on your assistant’s or hygienist’s back and may require them to reach to get an ideal angle for procedures. In the long term, poor positioning can contribute to musculoskeletal disorders and chronic pain.

Along with these aspects:

  • Make sure the dental assistant chair with back support or stool you select allows them to sit in a neutral position.
  • Look for a dental stool equipped with arm rests, as this allows for easier positioning.
  • Consider lever and knob location: Your assistant should be able to reach these mechanisms with relative ease.

Dental Assistant Stools from Trusted Brands

Dental stools can affect the efficiency of your practice, the comfort of your staff and the care given to your patients. To ensure you get high-quality, long-lasting equipment, choose from our selection of dental assistant stools at DuraPro Health. For over 25 years, we have promised affordability to dental professionals, and deliver this through new and refurbished options from some of the top dental brands, including Crown, Boyd and more.

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