Assistant's Stools

A solid dental practice starts with the basics, and that certainly includes dental assistant stools. These primary pieces of equipment are important for making sure that dental hygienists and other staff can do their work to the best of their ability. At DuraPro Health, we know that even simple items like dental stools need to be carefully chosen to meet your unique needs. That’s why we offer a wide range of options from brands that are highly respected within the dental industry.

How to Select the Right Dental Assistant Stool

One of the most important things to look for in a dental stool is adjustability. It needs to be easy for dental professionals to change their position as needed to access patients’ teeth. This can require a lot of adjustments throughout the day as they work on different patients, which is why the ability to fine tune seat height and tilt is so important. Great support is equally critical. Hygienists and dentists may spend hours per day on these stools, so ergonomic features are essential. Be sure to carefully consider which dental stool designs are best suited to various types of exams, treatments and procedures.

Dental Stools from Trusted Brands

Dental stools can affect the efficiency of your practice, the comfort of your staff and the care given to your patients. To ensure you get high-quality, long-lasting equipment, choose from our selection of dental assistant stools at DuraPro Health. Shop now to find options from some of the top dental brands, including Crown, Boyd and more.

Crown Seating Keystone C40AR Assistant Stool
924.00 859.32 859.32 USD
TPC Mirage Dental Assistant's Stool
598.00 556.14 556.14 USD
Beaverstate Assistant's Stool
754.00 701.22 701.22 USD
Assistant Stool - Round Seat
584.00 543.12 543.12 USD
Assistant Stool - Round Seat with Tilt Back
1,198.00 1,114.14 1114.14 USD
Boyd Doctor and Assistant Seating Ergo Model BOS-257
994.00 924.42 924.4200000000001 USD
Crown Seating Assistant Stool - Rectangle Seat
1,198.00 1,114.14 1114.14 USD
Dental Assistant Stool
341.00 293.26 293.26 USD
Denver C130A Saddle Assistant Stool
1,098.00 1,021.14 1021.14 USD
Durango C90SBA Western Saddle Assistant Stool
1,098.00 1,021.14 1021.14 USD
Durango C90SSA English Saddle Assistant Stool
1,098.00 1,021.14 1021.14 USD
Galaxy Assistant Stool Model 1065
558.00 518.94 518.94 USD
Galaxy Assistant Stool Model 1078-AD
678.00 630.54 630.54 USD
Galaxy Assistant Stool Model 2025-R
808.00 751.44 751.44 USD
Steamboat C60ABT Assistant Stool
1,498.00 1,393.14 1393.14 USD
Sterling C85SA Swedish Assistant Stool
1,798.00 1,672.14 1672.14 USD
Telluride C50ABT Assistant Stool (CHOOSE COLOR)
1,198.00 1,114.14 1114.14 USD

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