Dental Carts

Find low prices on high-quality dental carts when you shop for supplies online at DuraPro Health. Dental carts are a must-have piece of equipment in any practice. In addition to offering convenient storage for tools and supplies, dental carts can be moved around as needed to provide quick access to these items when needed. They’re versatile, they’re efficient and they help to maximize the available storage space in your offices. Learn more about our dental cart options and how you could save even more by choosing a refurbished model.

Types of Dental Carts

Dental carts vary in shape, size and features, but the key feature of this piece of equipment is that it’s placed on wheels. Because these carts are so easy to move, you can easily place it in the best position for each unique procedure and patient. Dental carts are typically designed to accommodate dental delivery systems, so many convenient features are built right in, such as automatic handpiece activation, self-contained waterlines and foot switches. Some carts also have some of the perks associated with mobile dental cabinets, such as multiple drawers for additional storage space. While these carts are especially convenient, please note that they are best suited to offices with spacious dental exam and treatment rooms due to their larger size.

Top Dental Cart Brands

When choosing something as important as dental carts for your practice, make sure you select one from a manufacturer you trust. Our selection of dental equipment carts includes options from some of the most reputable brands in the field, including Boyd, DuraPro, A-dec and Beaverstate. Our prices are affordable across the board, and you can save even more by choosing a refurbished dental cart instead of a new model. Start shopping now to find a great fit for your needs and your space.

A-dec Dr-Duo Dental Cart
2,308.00 1,961.80 1961.8 USD
Pelton and Crane Duo Cart
1,993.00 1,694.05 1694.05 USD
DuraPro Mobile Orthodontic Cart w/ CPU Compartment
2,698.00 2,698.00 2698.0 USD
Beaverstate 3 Handpiece Duo Swing Cart with Vacuum
4,898.00 4,898.00 4898.0 USD
Beaverstate Assistant's Dental Cart
1,598.00 1,598.00 1598.0 USD
Beaverstate Assistant's Dental Cart with Vacuum
1,998.00 1,998.00 1998.0 USD
Beaverstate S-4100 3 Handpiece Doctor's Cart
2,998.00 2,998.00 2998.0 USD
DuraPro Self-Contained Cart
4,298.00 4,298.00 4298.0 USD
Boyd Delivery Unit Model CSU-351
3,898.00 3,898.00 3898.0 USD
Boyd Delivery Unit Model CSU-351SQ
3,998.00 3,998.00 3998.0 USD
Boyd Delivery Unit Model CSU-356
4,798.00 4,798.00 4798.0 USD
Boyd Delivery Unit Model CSU-356SQ
4,898.00 4,898.00 4898.0 USD
Boyd Delivery Unit Model CSU-362
5,198.00 5,198.00 5198.0 USD
Boyd Delivery Unit Model CSU-362SQ
5,498.00 5,498.00 5498.0 USD
Boyd Delivery Unit Model CSU-370SL
5,798.00 5,798.00 5798.0 USD
Boyd Delivery Unit Model CSU-370SQ
6,398.00 6,398.00 6398.0 USD

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