• Barbs and Barb Kit for A-dec Delivery System
  • Cartridges for A-dec Delivery System
  • Check Valve & Micro Valve
  • Control Head Components
  • Coolant Control Component Parts, Kits
  • Diaphragms
  • Filters
  • Foot Control Kits, Parts and Exploded View
  • Gaskets for A-dec Delivery System
  • Handpiece Control Blocks, Parts, Kits
  • Knobs
  • O-Rings, O-Ring Kits, Tools and Lubricant
  • Pistons
  • Poppets
  • Regulator Kits and Parts
  • Retaining Springs and Rings
  • Saliva Ejector Tips
  • Screws and Kits
  • Sleeve Tools (Sizes: 1/8", 1/4" ∓ Universal)
  • Sleeves
  • Springs
  • Stems
  • Straight Pins For Valves, Valve Ass., Syringes
  • Syringe Parts for A-dec Delivery System
  • Toggle Valves and Switches
  • Tools Including "Plastic & Metal Tubing Snakes"
  • Utility Module (24-0352-00)
  • Vacuum Systems Parts & Kit
  • Washers

You can make easy and affordable repairs to the dental equipment in your practice by shopping this selection of high-quality A-dec dental parts. At DuraPro Health, we offer everything from tiny knobs and valves to complete kits and major components, so you can keep your A-dec equipment in excellent working order. Whether you make the repairs yourself or hire a technician, a resource like DuraPro Health makes it so much easier to fix your equipment when the time comes.

A-dec Compatible Dental Equipment Parts

The ability to shop for dental equipment parts by brand is one of the things our customers love most about DuraPro Health. Every part in this collection is designed specifically for A-dec — you can even see a complete list of compatible A-dec models for each part, saving you guesswork when shopping online. You don’t have to dig through your equipment manual or try to figure out if a special order is necessary. Instead, you can simply search for the part you need, check that it’s compatible and have it shipped right to your door in a matter of days. That means minimal downtime for your equipment and less money spent on replacements when a simple repair will do the job.

A Trusted Dental Brand

For many years, A-dec, the Austin Dental Equipment Company, has been a leader in the dental industry. The A-dec way is all about quality and consistency, which makes their equipment particularly long-lasting and reliable. Don’t give up on your A-dec equipment if a few repairs are all that’s needed. You can find everything from dental chair parts to dental syringe parts at an affordable price right here at DuraPro Health.

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