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Use motorized power to provide the best results for your dental patients by choosing form these electric integratable systems. At DuraPro Health, we’re proud to offer such a great selection of high-quality equipment for dental practices. These electric motor systems for dental handpieces are easy to install in your exam rooms or oral surgery areas. And because they come from manufacturers who are trusted among dental industry professionals, you can count on reliable performance day in and day out. Learn more about the dental treatment and oral surgery motor systems available now at DuraPro Health.

Get More Control

An electric integratable system offers a number of advantages for today’s dental professionals. The ability to use motorized handpieces can allow you to complete cleanings and treatments more quickly. That also makes it possible to see more patients per day while also keeping patients happy with shorter appointment times. The settings on these motorized systems also allows you to customize the tool performance to meet your needs, whether you need the movement to be faster or slower. Perhaps the most important benefit of using electric integratable systems is enhanced control when using dental handpieces, which in turn can reduce patient discomfort and improve outcomes.

Choose from Top Brand Names

Our goal at DuraPro Health is to offer high-quality equipment and accessories at low prices. That means that you can find budget-friendly tools and supplies without sacrificing when it comes to quality. Browse through these electric integratable systems to find options from some of the top dental brands, including Acteon, Bien-Air and Saeshin. Choose from different sets and handpieces to get exactly what you need at a great price. There’s never been a better time to find quality dental tools and equipment from some of the most respected manufacturers in the industry.