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Prophy angles are your solution to speedy, efficient cleaning. Designed for optimum comfort and maximum usability, DuraPro Health sells a variety of disposable prophy angles and cups that make perfect additions to your cabinet of tools. Shop our online store today to find great savings and products that are ideal for your needs.

Efficient, Durable and Comfortable

The selection of disposable prophy angles and cups that we sell at DuraPro Health are designed around a variety of needs to suit you no matter your preference or setup. We sell a wide selection of brands, including 3D Dental, Crosstex Sparkle™, Crosstex Twist™, NIVO, Keystone Fortis and Mydent Defend+. Whether you’re looking for a prophy angle or brush that moves in a traditional spinning motion or a back-and-forth reciprocating motion, a smoother running prophy angle with a more visible body for improved visibility in the mouth, soft or firm prophy cups or anything else, DuraPro Health is your destination for tools that work.

Our products are high quality and affordable, so you can prioritize your needs and budget without sacrificing quality. This selection of prophy brushes, angles and cups are ideal for providing a comfortable experience for your patients but still does the job and does it well. Eliminate stains, apply dental medicaments and prepare teeth for etching and bleaching procedures with these prophy angles.

Great Value on Great Products

At DuraPro Health, we do our best to bring high-quality products to you that are sold at rates that are comfortable for your budget. As a result, we sell many of our products in bulk at wholesale pricing to bring the savings to you. We’re able to offer low prices on products and equipment through our direct marketing and even offer a price match guarantee on any in-stock, identical products that are carried by our competitors. If you have questions, please contact us via phone or our online support form.

$ 138.00 $ 124.20 124.2 USD
$ 79.00 $ 71.10 71.10000000000001 USD
$ 79.00 $ 71.10 71.10000000000001 USD
$ 114.00 $ 102.60 102.60000000000001 USD
$ 52.00 $ 46.80 46.800000000000004 USD
$ 52.00 $ 46.80 46.800000000000004 USD
$ 79.00 $ 71.10 71.10000000000001 USD